What does Proc mean in game?

What does Proc mean in game?

Proc is a common term used primarily in game programming to refer to an event triggered under particular circumstances. For example, in WoW, a particular weapon (that hits many times) might have a 10% chance on each hit to apply a special effect, such as poison damage.

Whats does Proc mean?


Acronym Definition
PROC Procedure Code
PROC Precompiler in C
PROC Puerto Rican Operations Center (US DoD)
PROC Programmed Random Occurrence

What does Proc mean in Osrs?

to proc is when an effect occurs. usually that effect could occur at any time but it only does so rarely. when a godbook effect activates that is called proc.

What does Proc mean in raid?

“Proc” is short for “process.” In game programming this refers to an event that is triggered under particular circumstances. You can think of it synonymous to “activate” or “trigger.”

Is Proc short for anything?

Abbreviation of programmed random occurrence.

Is Proc short for something?

1) It stands for “Programmed Random OCcurence”. This term pretty accurately describes the event itself, both its randomness and the fact there is some special effect. 2) Short for Procedure, or Special Procedure.

What does product of proc mean?

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What is made in proc?

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What is Proc damage?

In simple terms a damage proc is a period of time where a damage multiplier is used example if the damage proc says increase damage by 100% every 5 Seconds for 1 attack and your normal damaged number is like let’s say 1000 damage per attack that means every 5 Seconds you’ll do damage for 2000 damage per attack when you …

How does Proc Summary work?

Proc SUMMARY and Proc MEANS are essentially the same procedure. Both procedures compute descriptive statistics. The main difference concerns the default type of output they produce. Proc MEANS by default produces printed output in the LISTING window or other open destination whereas Proc SUMMARY does not.

Is Made in China?

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What does Proc mean in MMO?

This is a very old MMO term that was commonly used in EverQuest. Proc is short for spec_proc (special procedure). Basically what EverQuest did is attach a section of code called a special procedure as one of attributes of item. Every time the item was used the code was run to see if a bonus effect would occur.

What does dot mean in gaming?

DoT. Damage over Time. Video Gaming, Roleplaying Gaming, Effect. Video Gaming, Roleplaying Gaming, Effect. 1. DoT. Damage of Time + 1 variant. Military, Guide, Damage. Military, Guide, Damage.

What is the dot product?

The dot product is a function that can be applied to two equal dimension vectors and is sometimes referred to as the scalar or inner product by people of lower moral fiber. Typically you’ll see the dot product defined as the following:

What is dotdots and boxes?

Dots and Boxes has been known by many other names including the Dots Game, Boxes, Squares, Dot to Dot Grid, La Pipopipette, and our favorite- Pigs in a Pen! Gametable is an upcoming interactive entertainment company for the desktop and mobile world.

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