What does pup joint stand for?

What does pup joint stand for?

A pup joint is a pipe of non-standard length used to adjust the length of tubular strings to its exact requirement. API casing and tubing pup joints are manufactured according to API Spec 5CT using prime API monogrammed, seamless oil country tubing.

What is perforated pup joint?

The Perforated Production Tube, sometimes also known as Perforated Pup Joint, allows for unrestricted flow of fluid or gas which increase the accuracy and reliability of acquired down hole production data, which otherwise would be distorted due to flow restrictions.

What is integral pup joint?

Integral Pup Joints are straight tubes with union connections on both ends, widely used for transporting high pressure flow in fracturing manifold, cementing manifold, maintenance manifold and test manifold. Integral Pup Joints special for sour service are also developed in accordance to NACE MR0175.

What is drill collar in drilling?

Drill collars are thick-walled tubulars that are used at the bottom of the drill string (see Figure 4-1). Their principal purpose in the drill string is to provide the axial force needed to advance the drill bit (see Figure 2-2). When drilling a vertical borehole, the axial force is the weight of the drill collars.

What is a flow coupling?

1. n. [Well Completions] A relatively short, heavy-walled completion component installed in areas where turbulence is anticipated. The additional wall thickness prevents early failures due to erosion in the turbulent flow area.

What is HWDP in drilling?

1. n. [Drilling] A type of drillpipe whose walls are thicker and collars are longer than conventional drillpipe. HWDP tends to be stronger and has higher tensile strength than conventional drillpipe, so it is placed near the top of a long drillstring for additional support. Alternate Form: heavyweight drillpipe.

What is hole collaring?

Hole collaring presents the highest risk of misalignment in the drilling cycle. When collaring, the bit is not supported, so it tends to “skate” across the surface. Uneven rock surfaces cause bending stresses and the potential for the bit to tilt off-center. Take time to set up accurately and collar correctly.

What is Blast joint?

Blast Joints are heavy wall tubes which are run as an integral part of the tubing string. The purpose of a Blast Joint is to minimize the effect of external erosion action. Blast Joints can be located opposite to perforations in dual completions or directly below the tubing hanger in sand frac situations.

Why we use heavy weight drill pipe?

Heavy weight drill pipe is the most commonly used in the vertical section of the hole and provides weight on the bit for directional drilling while maintaining more flexibility than a drill collar. The function of the HWDP is to provide a flexible transition between the drill collars and the drill pipe.

How much does a drill collar weight?

Drill Collar Availablility and Description

Open PDF OD (in) Adjusted Weight (lb/ft)
2 in 34.35 lb/ft Slick
View Spec
OD: 4 3/4
2 9/16 in 42.21 lb/ft Spiral

How do I stop my drill from drifting?

To keep a drill bit from wandering when drilling in metal, put the point of a center punch or nail set on the spot you want the hole, then tap it with a hammer to make a small dent in the metal. Chuck the drill bit in the drill, place the bit on the dent, and drill the hole. Watch this video to find out more.

Should a drill Rotate Left or right?

All power drills have a forward (clockwise) and reverse (counter-clockwise) switch, usually right above the trigger. After drilling, setting the bit direction to reverse spins it counterclockwise to help it come out of the hole cleanly and easily.

What are the different types of PUP joints?

Pup Joints – Eue – API , Blast Joints, Tubing, Oilfield Supply, API Crossovers – X-overs, Flow Couplings, API Couplings, Oilfield Couplings Pup Joints are used to adjust the height of full length tubing or casing strings. They are also used to adjust the depth of downhole tools. Typical lengths are 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’ and 10’.

What are your tubing PUP joints made out of?

Our tubing pup joints are manufactured out of seamless tubing and machined or upset to final dimensions. All API casing and tubing pup joints are manufactured according to API Spec 5CT. Special requirements are available on request.

Who is the largest manufacturer of API PUP joints?

We are the largest manufacturer of API pup joints in North America. All of our pup joints are manufactured from the highest quality API seamless tubing, and per API 5CT requirements. We have dedicated heat treat, NDT, and automated threading lines to provide you with best quality pup joints with quicker turnaround times.

Why our PUP joints?

WHY OUR PUP JOINTS? All of our pup joints are made from high quality API seamless tubing and mechanical tubing. We have a dedicated heat treat line for pup joints. This allows us to react to our customers needs quicker. We are the first in the industry to build and use a Full Body Ultrasonic Inspection on its Pup Joints.

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