What does Seon Woo mean?

What does Seon Woo mean?

Seon Woo is a last name commonly found in Korea among its Chinese community. It is the transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: null.

Where are the Hakkas from?

Hakka, Chinese (Pinyin) Kejia or (Wade-Giles romanization) K’o-chia, ethnic group of China. Originally, the Hakka were North Chinese, but they migrated to South China (especially Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, and Guangxi provinces) during the fall of the Nan (Southern) Song dynasty in the 1270s.

Is Sun Woo a Hawaiian name?

Sun-woo, also spelled Seon-u, Sŏn-u, or Seon-woo, is a Korean surname and unisex given name.

Who is the doctor in reply 1988?

Kim Tae-Hoon – Doctor Choi Hyun-Sung (ep.

Does tataek like duk Seon?

Taek is treated like the town’s treasure and he’s a completely precious kid. To everyone’s surprise, he may not know how to button his shirt properly but he sure knows how to like a girl. He was the first one to openly confess to the boys that he likes Duk Seon. He’s the only one who smiles, hugs and feeds the girl like it’s nothing.

Does Duk Seon have feelings for Jung hwan?

Duk Seon starts to consider her feelings for this hunk but she is likely not to realise that he actually likes her until he confesses aloud. But the sad part is – Jung Hwan might let his feelings slip away for his friend. Jung Hwan appears to be the ‘bros over hoes’ kind of guy. 1.

Who is Duk Seon’s first crush?

First love turned sister’s secret boyfriend. The kind-hearted Sun Woo is Duk Seon’s first crush that turned bitter. When Duk Seon realised his extra visits to her house was because he wanted to see her sister and not her, she has given her friend the cold shoulder ever since.

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