What does Synlab do?

What does Synlab do?

SYNLAB is a basic provider in many national healthcare systems, and a leading provider of laboratory diagnostic services in Europe for practising doctors, clinics and patients.

Who owns Synlab?

Synlab Group

Type limited liability company (GmbH)
Services diagnostics services for human and veterinary medicine, environmental analysis and pharmaceutical industry
Revenue € 1.9 billion (2018)
Owner Cinven (private equity)
Number of employees around 20,000

Is PathCare same as Synlab?

PathCare Laboratories joined the SYNLAB Group in 2017. SYNLAB through the former PathCare Laboratories is the current title holder of ‘Private Laboratory Service Provider of the Year’ in Nigeria as awarded by the Nigeria Health Excellence Awards.

How much does a Covid 19 test cost?

How Much Does a COVID-19 Test Cost in Lagos? COVID-19 test in Lagos costs 50,400 Naira. The price, you will typically find uniformity in how labs charge across the state.

Who is the CEO of Synlab?

Bartholomäus Wimmer (Jan 2010–)
Synlab Group/CEO

Is Viapath private?

We are a unique, majority NHS owned, public-private partnership committed to building dynamic relationships with our expanding network of customers.

How long does it take to get Covid test result in Nigeria?

Depending on which test you do, your results will be available within 12 – 24 hours.

How long is a Covid test valid?

Business persons providing services across the borders of SADC are allowed multiple entry subject to the following: Producing a certificate of negative Covid-19 test result not older than 72 hours from the time of departure. This certificate is valid for 14 days.

Is Viapath part of the NHS?

We are majority owned by the NHS, with the commercial freedom to invest in growth and innovation.

What does King’s College Hospital Specialise in?

liver disease
King’s College Hospital is recognised nationally and internationally for work in liver disease and transplantation, neurosciences, fetal medicine, cardiac, stroke and blood cancers. Beyond this the Trust has a strong reputation for innovation, both clinically and in designing new services for patients.

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