What does the Hindi word Saala mean?

What does the Hindi word Saala mean?

Saala is the Hindi term for your wife’s brother. However it’s most commonly used as an insult, with the implication being that you are sleeping with the insulted persons sister.

Why is Saala a bad word?

It’s probably Hindi’s most popular obscenity and is only mildly offensive. It literally means one’s wife’s brother. By calling someone a sala you are in short proclaiming that you dominate him because you have had sex with his sister.

Is Saale a swear word?

Actual meaning of Saale is wife’s brother. It is a gali or a cuss word of course, and it should be either removed or If a girl’s sibling is a saala/saali for her husband then a boy’s sibling will also be a saali/saali for his wife.

What does Sala Kutta mean?

For example, ‘sala kuttaa’ is translated as ‘stupid bastard’. ‘Sala kutta’ (as I would spell it; the extra ‘a’ is redundant) should be translated to ‘brother-in-law dog’. This translation is not merely literally accurate, but possesses immense charm.

What does Saale mean in Punjabi?


What is the meaning of Haramzada?

/ (ˌhʌrəmˈzɑːdə) / noun Indian slang. a male born of unmarried parents.

What is the meaning of Guintha?

Guintha is a term used to measure land.It is a smaller unit of measuring land. kathha, dhur these terms are also used to measure lands.these terms are mainly used in villages.The standard unit of measuring land is acres.

What is meant by Bigha and Guintha?

Hi friend, Here is the required answer:- Bigha is a unit of measuring land.. In Punjab, four bigha is. equal to one acre. In central India, bighas were standardized at 3025 yd2(2529.3 m2) or 5/8 acre (0.2529 hectare). Guintha is a local unit of measuring land.

What is Bigha Guintha?

Bigha and Guintha are two local units of measuring land area in village.

What is bigger and Guintha?

These both are measuring units of the Land.In many states of India 1 Acre = 40 Guinthas; 1 Guintha = 121 Sq. Yards = 101.17 Sq. Metres and 1 Guintha =33 Sq. Bigha is a Traditional method of measuring land in country like india, Nepal, bangladesh etc.

How many Guntas are in Viga?

Dimensions of Bigha

1 Bigha 2,990 sq yd
1 Bigha 2,500 sq mt
1 Bigha 1.04 ground
1 Bigha 0.62 Acre
1 Bigha 2.30 Guntha

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