What does the name Des mean?

What does the name Des mean?

Des is a name with English roots and it is the shortened form of various names including Desiree, Desmond or Desiderio. The meaning of Des is ‘gifted ruler’. The name is believed to be of Irish origin, derived from DeasMhumhain (or South Munster), which is a province in Ireland.

What name means strong in Swahili?

28. Zubery. An interesting Swahili name with Arabic origin is Zubery. It means ‘powerful’.

What name means gift in Swahili?

77 Swahili Baby Names With Meanings

Adia A gift, or a gift from the God Swahili
Adiah God’s gift or God’s ornaments Swahili
Ahadi Promising, With much promise Swahili
Aiysha Powerful and complete African,Swahili

What is Des short for?


Acronym Definition
DES Data Exchange System
DES Digital Encryption Standard
DES Data Entry System
DES Database and Engineering Services

Where is the name des from?

English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Des is: From a surname derived from the Irish ‘Deas Mumhain’ meaning ‘South Munster. ‘ Also a diminutive of any name beginning with Des.

What name means gift from God in Swahili?

Hiba – a gift from God.

What name means warrior in Swahili?

Morani (Swahili origin) meaning “warrior”.

What are some girl Swahili names?

41 Swahili Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Lakeisha Lakeisha means Joyful Girl
Penda African – Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penha Girl
Shani A wonderful woman Girl
Zahara To shine, to bloom Girl

Is DES a boy or girl name?

The name Des is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Short For Names Starting With Des. Desi, Desiderio or Desmond.

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