What does the prostatic utricle do?

What does the prostatic utricle do?

The prostatic utricle distends with urine during voiding and then passively drains. Poor emptying leads to urine retention and stasis. Stone formation may result from obstruction.

What is prostatic utricle cyst?

Prostatic utricle cysts are embryologic remnants of the Müllerian duct system that communicate with the urethra. They affect predominantly males younger than 20 years. They can be associated with genitourinary malformations or infertility [8].

Where is the prostatic sinus?

prostatic sinus the posterolateral recess between the seminal colliculus and the wall of the urethra, where the prostatic ductules empty into the urethra.

Which hormone is responsible for development of prostatic utricle in Male?

While testosterone can activate androgen receptors in the UGS by directly binding to the AR, the more potent androgen, DHT, plays a critical role in prostatic development.

What do guys have instead of uterus?

Males don’t have a “big” thing like the uterus, because it degenerates during the embrionary development. There’s a small analog structure that remains left though, it’s the prostatic utricle. A small indentation in the prostatic portion of the urethra.

Do men have a uterus equivalent?

TL;DR: There is no precise homologous equivalent of the uterus in a male; but embriologically speaking, the Paramesonephric ducts contribute to the formation of both the whole uterus and to small regions of the prostate and testis.

How do you treat prostatic utricle cyst?

Laparoscopic excision of the prostatic utricle, owing to its safety, effectiveness, minimal invasiveness, fewer complications and rapid recovery, can be used as the first option for the treatment of prostatic utricle cyst.

How do you treat prostate cysts?

Some therapeutic options for managing prostatic cysts include transrectal aspiration with or without sclerotherapy, transurethral marsupialization, and open surgery. Some authors report durable recurrence-free results in a series of patients with medial prostatic cysts treated with transurethral incision.

Is the prostatic sinus inside the prostate?

reach the floor of the prostatic urethra. This part of the urethra has on its floor (or posterior wall) a longitudinal ridge called the urethral crest. On each side is a depression, the prostatic sinus, into which open the prostatic ducts.

What is the prostatic utricle?

[UPDATED] The [ prostatic utricle ], also known as ” utriculus prostaticus ” or ” utriculus ” is a small 6 mm small dead-end channel found in the male prostatic urethra. The word [ utriculus] is Latin and means “little sac”..

Is the prostatic utricle a Müllerian duct derivate?

In fact, in some texts the prostatic utricle is referred to as ” uterus masculinus “. Some researchers differ and point to the fact that this structure may not be a Müllerian duct derivate.

What is the meaning of the Latin word utriculus?

The word [ utriculus] is Latin and means “little sac”.. What is interesting about this structure is that it is the embryological remnant in the male of the Müllerian ducts that form the vagina and the uterus in the female. In fact, in some texts the prostatic utricle is referred to as ” uterus masculinus “.

What is another name for the prostate pouch?

A minute pouch in the prostate opening on the summit of the seminal colliculus, the analogue of the uterus and vagina in the female. Synonym (s): utriculus prostaticus [TA] , masculine uterus, Morgagni sinus (2) , vesica prostatica.

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