What does the St Louis Cardinals logo mean?

What does the St Louis Cardinals logo mean?

The Cardinals first and orifinal logo was unveiled in 1900. It came in solid red letters. These interlocking initials—STL stands for the city of Saint Louis. These typefaces have their ends extended and rounded. You’ll spot two white diamond signs on the letter—S.

When did the St Louis Cardinals change their logo?

Louis Cardinals have changed their “STL” logo. Following a “soft launch” throughout the 2019 season, the Cardinals have tweaked the STL logo which is seen on the front of their primary red game caps as well as their road alternate blue caps. The new caps are already for sale at MLB Shop.

What colors are the St Louis Cardinals logo?

RedNavy BlueYellowCardinal
St. Louis Cardinals/Colors

How did the St Louis Cardinals get their logo?

In 1922, the Cardinals reveled for the first time a logo that featured the two familiar cardinal birds perched on a baseball bat over the name “Cardinals” with the letter “C” of the word hooked over the black bat. Colloquially referred to as the “birds on the bat.” Wordmark “ST. LOUIS” arched in red.

What is St Louis Cardinals font?

The wordmark sports a beautiful script typeface with a prominent letter “C”.

Does St Louis have a flag?

The flag of St. Louis, Missouri, consists of a solid red background and three thick, wavy lines colored blue and white extending from the top left corner, bottom left corner, and center right edge. The flag was designed by Yale University professor Theodore Sizer and officially adopted in 1964.

Did the Cardinals change their logo?

The red cardinal head logo was updated to look sleeker and meaner than the previous cardinal head. The beak was changed from gold to yellow, heavier black outlines were added and this bird is significantly more aggressive looking than the previous bird. Numerous fans had called the previous version a “parakeet.”

What are the St Louis Blues colors?

Navy BlueRoyal blueGold
St. Louis Blues/Colors

What is the White Sox logo?

The current White Sox logo has become an old English wordmark “SOX” in black and white with a silver trim. The script is in a diagonal position. The blue baseball player icon is set above “Sox” in blue. At the bottom of the logo is the wordmark “CHICAGO WHITE SOX” in red and separated with red lines.

Who designed the St Louis Cardinals logo?

St. Louis Cardinals Logos – National League (NL) – Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page – SportsLogos.Net.

What font is the Arizona Cardinals logo?

NFL Cardinals Regular
Arizona Cardinals Logo Fonts The Arizona Cardinals logo font is NFL Cardinals Regular.

What does the St Louis Cardinals logo look like?

The St. Louis Cardinals logo in vector format (svg) and transparent PNG. Available for download. Following the “birds on the bat”, the current St. Louis Cardinals logo illustrates a single red cardinal with a yellow beak sitting on yellow bat. The bat is intertwined with the letter “C” from scripted “Cardinals” red woodmark.

What are some nicknames for the St Louis Cardinals?

The bat is intertwined with the letter “C” from scripted “Cardinals” red woodmark. Some of the nicknames include “The Cards”, “The Redbirds”, “The Birds|, and “Birds on the Bat”. St. Louis Cardinals’ official colors are Red, midnight navy blue, yellow, white.

What color is the Cardinals’New Jersey?

The modified jersey, cream-colored with red trim on the sleeves and down the front, was the first since 1932 in which “St. Louis” will be used instead of “Cardinals” and retained the “birds on the bat.”

What color uniforms do the Cardinals wear on Saturday?

Starting with the 2019 season, the Cardinals will wear updated powder blue alternate uniforms during Saturday road games. Like the Saturday home cream alternates, it features red piping and “St. Louis” below the “birds on the bat” logo.

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