What does theatre mean in England?

What does theatre mean in England?

In British English, ‘theatre’ means a place where live plays are performed. Some people, both English and American, use the spelling ‘theatre’ to mean a place where live plays are performed, and the spelling ‘theater’ to mean a cinema.

Is theatre an English word?

Theater has roots in both Greek and Latin and came to English through the Old French word theatre. Theatre and similar words ending in -re were sometimes spelled with the -er until the 1660s, when the French-borrowed -re spellings came to be preferred; before that, both spellings were considered equally correct.

What are the many definitions of theater theatre?

1 : a building in which plays, motion pictures, or shows are presented. 2 : the art or profession of producing plays. 3 : plays or the performance of plays. 4 : a place or area where some important action is carried on a theater of war.

What is the Greek word for theatre?

theatre. The word is from the Greek theatron, “a place of seeing.” A theatre usually has a stage area where the performance itself takes place.

What is the best definition of theatre?

What is the meaning of theatre?

[countable] a building or an outdoor area where plays and similar types of entertainment are performed

What is the root word of Theatre of war?

[countable, usually singular] theatre (of war/operations) (formal) the place in which a war or fighting takes place Russia replied by opening up a new theatre of war in the Balkans. late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin theatrum, from Greek theatron, from theasthai ‘behold’.

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