What does Vanua Levu mean in Fijian?

What does Vanua Levu mean in Fijian?

Great Land
Sighted by the Dutch navigator Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1643, the volcanic Vanua Levu (“Great Land”) was formerly called Sandalwood Island. It has an area of 2,145 square miles (5,556 square km).

Who is the largest bay in Fiji?

Natewa Bay
About Natewa Bay/Ocean Ventures Fiji/Natewa Bay, Savusavu, Fiji. What do you need to know about Natewa Bay? 80km long, 15km wide and over 1000 square km, the largest bay in the South Pacific.

Where is Levu Vana?

Vanua Levu (pronounced [βaˈnua ˈleβu]), formerly known as Sandalwood Island, is the second largest island of Fiji. Located 64 kilometres (40 miles) to the north of the larger Viti Levu, the island has an area of 5,587.1 square kilometres (2,157.2 sq mi) and a population of 135,961 as of 2007.

What type of island is Vanua Levu?

Five and a half square kilometres large, Vanua Levu is the second largest Fiji island. Close to 130.000 inhabitance enjoy life on the triangular island that is located about 70 kilometres north of the main island Viti Levu. The largest city is the vibrant and cheerful Labasa.

How many provinces does Vanua Levu have?

For administrative purposes, Vanua Levu is divided into three Provinces : Bua (in the west), Macuata (in the north-east), and Cakaudrove (in the south-east). These three provinces also comprise the Northern Division of Fiji.

Why did Fiji ceded to Britain?

In the late 1850s, with Ma’afu and his confederation of chiefs gaining power — and disorder growing in western Fiji — Cakobau offered to cede the islands to Great Britain if Queen Victoria would pay the Americans.

What does Levu mean?

[ n ] a volcanic island in the Fijis.

What is the capital of Vanua Levu?

Home to two of the nation’s largest cities, Lautoka and the capital, Suva, the island’s population comprises 69% of the country’s total and is one of Fiji’s most popular holiday destinations.

Is Vanua Levu a sandy island?

Fiji’s total land area is 18,333 square kilometres. There are two major islands – Viti Levu which is 10,429 square kilometres and Vanua Levu 5.556 square kilometres. The islands are surrounded by sandy beaches and reefs with mountains covering the centre of most of the islands.

What is the biggest province in Fiji?

Ba Province. Ba province occupies the north-west segment of the main island ‘Viti Levu’ and is the largest province in the Fiji group covering over 2,630 square kilometers – over 3-times the size of Kiribati.

What is the deepest river in Fiji?

The Dreketi River
The Dreketi River is located in the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. It is 65 kilometers in length and the deepest river in Fiji.

Why was cakobau a important person?

This period also saw the rise of a warlord by the name of Seru Epenisa Cakobau, who forged the first nation-state covering all of modern Fiji (except the island of Rotuma) in 1871, before ceding it to the United Kingdom in 1874.

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