What engine does the 928 Porsche have?

What engine does the 928 Porsche have?

V8 engine
The 928 featured a large, front-mounted and water-cooled V8 engine driving the rear wheels. Originally displacing 4.5 L and featuring a single overhead camshaft design, it was rated at 219 hp (163 kW; 222 PS) for the North American market and 240 PS (177 kW; 237 hp) in other markets.

How much horsepower did the Porsche 928 have?

Unlike later derivatives, this model did not feature front or rear spoilers. The 4.5-litre engine of the 928 generated 240 hp.

What was the Porsche in Scarface?

Porsche 928
1979 Porsche 928 Scarface When the world is yours, there’s really only one car to own: The Porsche 928. The first and only 2-door Porsche to feature a front-mounted V8, the 928 marked a radical departure for Stuttgart’s sports car company.

Is a Porsche 928 fast?

Porsche 928 performance and specs

Engine 4474cc, 16-valve SOHC V8
Transmission Five-speed manual/Three-speed automatic
0-60mph 7.5secs
Top speed 142mph
Fuel consumption 21mpg

Which is better Porsche 928 vs 944?

Owning a 928 is a special thing. It’s a much better car than the 944, except when you measure performance. A 928 is only able to pull away from a 944 on the straights, but not in the bends. It’s also a great way to end you marriage, go bankrupt, tear all your hair out.

Is the Porsche 928 a good car?

With four seats, a decent amount of space for luggage and a large V8 engine nestling under the bonnet, the 928 made a far better grand tourer than the 911 ever could. It’s true that 20mpg is a best-case scenario for any 928 – but with most of the survivors now being kept as second cars, that’s less of an issue.

Did Tony Montana buy the Porsche?

PORSCHE 928 – SCARFACE Back in 1983, the Porsche 928 was the height of sophistication and performance. Purchased by the infamous Tony Montana once he had finally made it, it seems like the perfect car for a cocaine-snorting, gun-toting Miami gangster.

Is a Porsche 928 a good car?

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