What episode does Tara fall and break her back?

What episode does Tara fall and break her back?

Breaking Pointe

“Breaking Pointe”
Season 2, Episode 12
Writer(s) Samantha Strauss
Director(s) Ian Gilmour
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What happened to Tara’s back?

Tara and Grace end up being good friends as Tara believes Abigail broke her pointe shoes when it was actually Grace. Tara moves in with Grace after this incident and when her back is broken, Grace convinces her to break an important rule in the academy. This leads to her getting expelled.

Where can I watch all seasons of dance academy?

Watch Dance Academy | Netflix.

How many episodes are in the second series of Dance Academy?

Dance Academy was announced as having been renewed for a second series of 26 episodes on 15 July 2010. Casting calls were issued on 14 September 2010, and filming took place between 31 January and 4 August 2011 in and around Sydney. The series premiered on ABC3 on 12 March 2012, and concluded on 24 April 2012.

What channel is Dance Academy on in Australia?

The show aired on ABC1 and ABC3 in Australia, and on ZDF in Germany. Series one premiered in Australia on 31 May 2010, the second series began on 12 March 2012, and series three began on 8 July 2013. Dance Academy features Tara Webster ( Xenia Goodwin ), a new student at Australia’s National Academy of Dance.

What is the plot of the dance school?

Tara Webster, a 15-year-old from a farm in the Outback, travels to Sydney to audition for a spot at the National Academy of Dance, considered the best dance school in Australia. Tara arrives at the Academy and finds out that she is considered the worst dancer there. For Tara, making friends and earning the respect of her teachers is a challenge.

What does Christian decide to do in the Academy of dance?

The Academy students must deal with their professional futures being laid out for them; while some receive Company contracts, most do not. Christian must choose between dancing for the Company or teaching at the Sammy E. Lieberman Memorial Studio for kids who cannot afford a dance education. In the end, he chooses teaching.

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