What episode of Degrassi is Imogen?

What episode of Degrassi is Imogen?

Imogen in Season 12. In Got Your Money (1), she is first seen waiting for Fiona at the bus stop and excitedly greeting her with a sign.

What girl does Fiona date in Degrassi?

It’s been 11 years since Fiona and Declan’s infamous “twincest” kiss shocked “Degrassi” fans for the first time. Twins Fiona and Declan Coyne were introduced on season nine of the long-running series, and the two garnered a lot of attention when Fiona kissed Declan.

What episode do Fiona and Imogen get together?

Dating Status The relationship between Fiona Coyne and Imogen Moreno, known as Fimogen (Fiona/Imogen), began in Season 11. They became acquainted with each other in Cry Me A River (1), began dating in In the Cold, Cold Night (2), and broke up in The Time of My Life.

Did Becky like Imogen?

They both have had feelings for and kissed Adam Torres, but only Becky has dated him. Becky’s ex-boyfriend Adam Torres dated Imogen’s ex-girlfriend Fiona Coyne. Becky had a conflict with Imogen’s friend and ex-boyfriend, Eli Goldsworthy, but ended her conflict with him.

Who did Craig lose his virginity to?

Both Ashley and Manny lost their virginities to Craig: Manny in Should I Stay or Should I Go? and Ashley in Voices Carry (1). Craig lost his virginity to Manny. Craig cheated on both of them at the same time. They were two of the girls other than his half-sister Angela Jeremiah that Craig wrote a song about.

When did Alex leave Degrassi?

Since she was the one who decided to leave the show to pursue other projects (and the season 12 finale will revolve around the seniors), it’s going to be interesting to see how/if the show comes up with an explanation for Tori’s sudden disappearance.

What happened to Imogen and Fiona in Degrassi?

Later at Degrassi, Fiona offers to make it up to Imogen after learning that Imogen’s been suspended for a month and was ordered to clean up the cafeteria. Imogen ignores her efforts and walks off, stating that she can’t believe she wanted to be friends with Fiona last year.

What does Imogen do in Degrassi Season 12?

As the previous impressions she has made at Degrassi, she comes prepare to show a unique, and as Mo calls it “Weird but great” performance, singing along with “singing” water glasses. Imogen in Season 12. In Got Your Money (1), she is first seen waiting for Fiona at the bus stop and excitedly greeting her with a sign.

Does Imogen have a crush on Fiona in Season 11?

After crushing on Imogen throughout the second half of season 11, Fiona finally worked up the courage to tell Imogen how she felt about her at Degrassi’s Winter Frostival. As it turned out, Imogen had been harboring a secret crush on Fiona as well.

What did Imogen say to Fiona in Cry Me a river?

In Cry Me A River (2), Imogen is seen in drama class. When Fiona mentions trying to fit in and feeling alone, Imogen is seen looking down in a guilty manner. Also, when Fiona says that Eli is the best writer in the class, Imogen quickly responds with “Obviously.” Embarrassed by her outburst, she quickly looks down.

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