What F1 team did Toyota become?

What F1 team did Toyota become?

Toyota Racing (Formula One team)

Formula One World Championship career
First entry 2002 Australian Grand Prix
Last entry 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Races entered 140
Chassis Toyota, Jordan, MF1, Williams

Why did Toyota quit F1?

Toyota’s severed its ties with F1 due to the elitist nature of the sport. The Japanese auto giant’s motorsport boss, Tadashi Yamashina, finally explained the reasons for Toyota’s disenchantment with F1 in Germany. “President Toyoda’s stance on motorsports is geared more toward the customer,” Yamashina said.

What happened to Braun GP?

On 16 November 2009 it was confirmed that the team’s engine supplier, Mercedes-Benz, in partnership with Aabar Investments had purchased a 75.1% stake in Brawn GP, which was renamed Mercedes GP for the 2010 season….Brawn GP.

Base Brackley, Northamptonshire, England
Founder(s) Ross Brawn
Formula One World Championship career

What team did Ross Brawn buy?

Honda team
He acquired the Honda team in early 2009 to form the Brawn GP team, which won the Formula One Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships in that year. Mercedes bought into the team in November 2009, making Brawn team principal and co-owner with Nick Fry.

What engine was in the Brawn F1 car?

The car won eight out of the seventeen Grands Prix it competed in. It was notable for its unusual “double” diffuser, and its legality was disputed though ultimately deemed legal by the FIA….Brawn BGP 001.

Technical specifications
Engine Mercedes-Benz FO108W 2.4 L (146 cu in) V8, naturally aspirated, limited to 18,000 RPM mid-mounted.

How did Ross Brawn make his money?

10 months after Ross Brawn bought the team, he sold the controlling stake in the company to Mercedes, who kept Brawn on as the technical director and renamed it Mercedes GP. It was a very lucrative deal for Brawn, who no doubt made a huge profit on his £1 after selling up!

Who bought BAR F1?

At the end of 2005 Honda obtained 100% ownership of BAR from British American Tobacco, completing their ambition to become a full F1 manufacturer team.

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