What fabric is Luna Lapin made from?

What fabric is Luna Lapin made from?

Welcome to the charming world of Luna Lapin, a quiet and kind rabbit with impeccable taste. Learn how to sew your own felt rabbit along with her exquisite wardrobe including 20 garment and accessory sewing patterns. All the clothes are made using the finest fabrics including wool felt, lace and Liberty print cotton.

Who makes Luna Lapin?

Sarah Peel
Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel introduces Luna, a sweet, quiet and kind rabbit with impecable taste.

What is a Skye wrap?

Description. Our Skye Wrap is an easy and stylish cover up, great over a jp and jeans. Make in your favourite tweed, line with something pretty, throw it on and go. You will need: 70cm of wool tweed fabric at least 150cm wide ( pictured in Blood Orange Tweed)

How big is Luna Lapin?

Learn to make Luna Lapin, a quiet and kind rabbit, with impeccable taste in clothing. The kit contains everything to make our charming 16″ rabbity-hare plus a pretty print tee shirt dress with detachable bow.

Can you sew Luna Lapin on sewing machine?

Luna Lapin and her friends themselves are usually hand sewn, although customers have succeeded in using a sewing machine. Most of her clothes are machine stitched and some are knitted. See Luna Lapin’s Little World.

How much felt Do I Need for Luna Lapin?

The grey 100% wool felt fabric is available on our on-line shop, one piece at size approx 45cm x 50cm is more than enough to make one Luna Lapin rabbit and it would work out just fine to make 3 Luna Lapin rabbits with 2 pieces which we generally will cut a continuous piece for any order.

What is the best fabric for shawls?

Other suitable fabrics are very fine wool challis, cut velvet, charmeuse and chiffon. Some fabric stores carry fabrics with border designs suitable for shawls. The widths of wool challis make the fabric suitable for a shawl or a wrap.

What is the best fabric for a scarf?

What is the Best Material for Fashion Scarves?

  • Mulberry silk is the most popular material used by manufacturers and fashion designers when making fashion scarves.
  • Silk, as a natural fibre, is the best durable material for fashion scarves.
  • Cotton is another classic scarf material, but not often considered fashionable.


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