What finance company does Holden use?

What finance company does Holden use?

Loans with Holden Financial Services are now managed by Money3 Corporation.

Who owns Suttons Motors?

Laurie Sutton
Suttons was first established in the early 1940’s by the late Sir Frederick Sutton, the father of Laurie Sutton, who now owns and operates the Group with his two sons, Craig and Ryan.

What is Holden finance interest rate?

You’ll receive a fixed interest rate from 5.35% p.a. to 14.99% p.a. based on your risk profile.

What is a car dealer group?

Dealer Group means a company operating multiple Retailers. “Fees” means the Set Up Fees and Monthly Fees set out in the Order Form. Dealer Group means the Dealer and all other motor dealers forming part of the same group of companies as the Dealer and which are Authorised Repairer(s).

What is Laurie Sutton worth?

$802 million
The Australian puts Laurie Sutton at 126th on its list with an estimated worth of $802 million.

Who owns Galpin Auto?

Owned and operated by Bert and Jane Boeckmann and their family, Galpin Motors is truly unique in its long history of community service, including the support of tens of thousands of educational, spiritual, cultural, charitable and political institutions and organizations throughout the world.

What does SSV stand for Holden?

General Motors has been importing Aussie-made V8 Commodores to the United States and selling them as the Chevrolet SS since 2013. At its introduction, GM billed it as a “a modern interpretation of Chevrolet’s Super Sport heritage.”

How much are the Shahin’s worth?

Peregrine Corporation’s Khalil, Samer and Yasser Shahin have a combined family fortune estimated at $1.84 billion from their retail and property business, which is mostly centred around the OTR (On The Run) convenience brand.

How much is Sam Shahin worth?

Khalil, Samer and Yasser Shahin (all worth $1.84 billion) are joint owners in the Peregrine Corporation, the company behind South Australia’s ubiquitous network of On the Run service stations, among other things. Sam Shahin, in particular, is quite fond of cars.

Why choose Suttons for vehicle finance?

With over 40 years’ experience in vehicle finance, you can be more confident than ever that you will receive trusted and transparent finance solutions. At Suttons, let us take away the hassle of selling your vehicle. Simply present your vehicle, we’ll inspect the condition and you’ll get a fair and accurate valuation from us.

Why choose Suttons city Holden service?

Let Suttons City Holden Service take care of your vehicle and experience the quality and care from a family owned dealership. In line with NSW Health’s recommendations, all our sites are registered as COVID Safe Businesses.

How many dealerships does Suttons have in Sydney?

Suttons is Sydney’s most trusted family-owned motor group, with 24 dealerships covering 28 different brands.

What is the Suttons 24 hour money back and price guarantee?

^ Suttons Pre-Owned Vehicle 24 Hour Money Back and Price Guarantee, terms and conditions: 1. The vehicle is to be returned in the same condition with the same fixtures as delivered to the customer; 2.

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