What fluid is in a viscous fan clutch?

What fluid is in a viscous fan clutch?

Viscous fan clutches are belt-driven and found on many older rear-wheel-drive passenger cars. They contain a drive and driven plate with annular grooves that fill with a thick viscous silicon fluid. These fans are needed at slow speeds, typically below 35 mph and at idle.

How much oil goes in a viscous fan clutch?

Silicone Fluid for Viscous Fan Hub. Contains 18ml of 10000Cst silicon fluid. This is the replacement viscous fluid used when servicing your viscous fan clutch. It has many vehicle applications across the Toyota range.

How do I know if my viscous fan clutch is bad?

To confirm the diagnosis, start with this simple test: Spin the fan as hard as you can on an engine that has not been started that day. If the fan rotates more than five times, you can bet the clutch is bad. You should feel some resistance and the fan may spin up to three times, depending on the ambient temperature.

Is there oil in a fan clutch?

Fan clutches can be non-thermal, thermal, or electronic. At low rpm, the valves are open, allowing the fluid to flow and engaging the fan. As rpm increases, so does the centrifugal force. The force closes the valves and keeps the oil in the reservoir.

Can you lube a fan clutch?

Fan Clutch The bearings that support the drive shaft for this clutch regularly experience high temperatures. Krytox™ lubricants have low volatility and high viscosity, providing long life and excellent lubrication to the fan clutch bearing under these high temperature conditions.

Should a fan clutch spin when cold?

A fan clutch is a thermostatic motor conditioning fan that may freewheel at low temp when cooling isn’t required, enabling the engine to heat up quicker and reducing engine load.

Can a fan clutch cause overheating?

Overheating engine is the most common symptom of a bad or failing fan clutch. It controls the operation of the cooling fans. These cooling fans will disable/not work at maximum efficiency as the bad clutch will not engage properly. This result in overheating which may lead to serious issues if not timely attended.

How do I know if my viscous fan is working?

How do you know if its working properly? When your motor is hot, you should be able to hear the fan kick in. If you can’t, pop the bonnet, and turn the vehicle off while watching the fan. If it comes to a fairly abrupt stop, the fan hub is working properly.

Why does my fan clutch stays engaged?

If the fan clutch seizes, it remains engaged all the time, cooling off the engine too much. Excess fan noise at high speed is caused by the same problem, a seized fan clutch. This can cause bearing damage, radiator damage if the blades flex too far, or even shatter a plastic fan.

Can you spray wd40 on fan clutch?

WD-40 is a penetrating solvent but its not a good lubricant. As such it would not be the best lubricant for a fan motor bearing.

Who makes the best viscous fan clutches?

Kit Masters leads the aftermarket in medium/heavy duty viscous fan clutch availability. By offering both genuine BorgWarner ® parts and our line of Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutches, we cover the medium/heavy duty viscous fan clutch market better than anyone in the industry.

What if I can’t find a part number on my fan clutch?

If you are unable to find a part number on your viscous fan clutch, our easy-to-use fan clutch identification system will walk you through the process of measuring it to determine the proper replacement. Our one-of-a-kind modular system eliminates the need for excessive viscous fan clutch inventory.

Are viscous fan couplings a good choice for motor factors?

Supported by excellent stocking and logistics from ourselves, the comprehensive viscous fan couplings range from BGA is clearly a reliable choice for the motor factor. Viscous fan couplings are a popular yet under-capitalised segment in the aftermarket.

What is a variableviscous fan coupling?

Viscous fan couplings are used on vehicles (cars and trucks) with inline engine positions, mainly rear wheel drives. These fans are needed at slow speeds and while idling.

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