What happened in Pobre Ana Chapter 5?

What happened in Pobre Ana Chapter 5?

In the begining of chater 5 of Pobre Ana, she goes to the gym the next morning and meets a girl named Patricia. Patricia is very nice, and after Ana meets Patircia, Patricia invites Ana to her home. After the two girls clean the room, they start to talk about what they live and what they eat in california and Mexico.

What time does Ana wake up in Pobre Ana Chapter 4?

Terms in this set (3) Chapter 4: ~ At nine in the morning, Ana wakes up. Susana and Juana also wakes up and they invite her to go downtown with them.

How much did Ana pay for the Taco Pobre Ana?

Ana has ten dollars. They give her money to the person in the bank and receives mexican pesos. She Is happy because she has mexican money. After walking and seeing a man that sells tacos.

What is Ana thankful for Pobre Ana?

Ana’s friends are thinking about how they want to have more materials, such as clothes, cars, phones, etc. Ana also becomes more thankful more the things her family has (such as a family car).

How old is Patricia in Pobre Ana?

She has a father that name is Robert and works at Mercy Hospital as a chief. She has a mother Ellen who works as a secretary at the same hospital. Her brother Don is 14 years old and her sister Patty is 11 years old. Ana has problems with her mom because she makes her eat fruit instead of chocolate.

Why does Patricia’s mother yell at her when she gets home?

The mom yells at them because the music is too loud and then they end up watching television the rest of the night.

Where do the girls go after the gym in Pobre Ana?

Chapter:4 Summary The next day the girls went to the gym. Afterward they went to the park. Ana was expecting to see some boys but it wasn’t a lot of people in the park. Then after that they decided to go to the store.

What music does Ana like?

What music does Ana like? The music of Enrique Iglesias. What do people do at the Sánchez gym? They do exercises.

Where is Ana’s book in Pobre Ana?

Ana has two friends: Elsa and Sara (both rich). Ana has material problems. Ana can’t find her book, mom yells at her, Don doesn’t help. Ana finds it on her bed.

Where does Ana go in Chapter 4 of Pobre Ana?

Chapter:4 Summary Ana was expecting to see some boys but it wasn’t a lot of people in the park. Then after that they decided to go to the store.

Where does Ana want to go in Pobre Ana?

Ana goes to the gym and meets Patricia. They go to Patricia’s house and talk. Patricia goes to a private school with uniforms. Ana and Patricia become good friends.

What are Ana’s friends called?

Ana has two friends: Elsa and Sara (both rich).

Is there a translation of Pobre Ana on Wattpad?

– Chapter 4: – Wattpad Pobre Ana (Poor Anna) with English Translation! UPDATE: July 7th, 2020. Sooo, I did this translation when I was 16 & on my first year of Spanish (20 now) & outta school. It has quite a bit of errors and such, but hey it’s something right?

What does Ana tell Don about her book?

-i have no money. I am poor. You have clothes and you have food. You don’t need money. Ana has problems with Don.she has an important book. Her book from English class. She needs the book. She is Looking for the book but she does not find it. Ana tells Don: -Don, i need my book. It is a very important book. It is a book from the school.

What does Ana’s mother shout at her when she eats chocolate?

When Ana is eating chocolate, Her mother shouts: -OH Ana, don’t eat chocolate! Eat an apple. Eat fruit. Fruit is good. Chocolate is bad. You need fruit but do not need chocolate.

Where is Ana in the taxi when she said goodbye?

Ana is in the taxi when she said goodbye to Joseph. She takes the taxi to the new house. Going toward the new family. Going toward the new life of Ana. + Ana is afraid, because the family is not at the airport. Afraid because she is in Mexico.

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