What happened Jura Superstition?

What happened Jura Superstition?

The island distillery is replacing its existing range of Scotch whiskies with a completely new line-up that introduces a new flavour direction for the brand. From April 2018 Jura’s core range of Origin, Superstition, Diurach’s Own 16 Year Old and Prophecy will be removed from sale.

How old is Jura Superstition?

Jura malt, aged in bourbon and with some finished in sherry casks, is said to come into its own around the age of 16, the age of the distillery’s flagship official bottling.

What do you mix Jura with?

Add 25ml the whisky and Aperol to an ice-filled wine glass, then top up with tonic water (Fever-Tree Mediterranean works well). Mix and garnish with a fresh orange wedge.

Is Jura Superstition Single malt?

Jura Single Malt Whisky, with intense velvet mahogany colour is sure to delight your taste palate. This single malt whisky which has 44% alcohol by volume has a zesty finish and is distilled in caskets of bourbon barrels, Bordeaux wine, ruby port and Amorrosso cherry. …

How do you drink Jura whiskey?

Bittersweet and citrussy, the Jura Sunset is ideal for new whisky drinkers. You can make this drink in the glass itself. Simply add the Jura whisky, Apérol and tonic into a glass that already has crushed ice in and stir. Garnish with a fresh orange wheel or wedge.

What is difference between Scotch and single malt?

In a legal sense, anything labeled Scotch whisky must be made from grain that’s been distilled (in Scotland) and aged in oak barrels (again, in Scotland) for at least three years. But to label a bottle a single malt, the liquid inside must have been distilled at one distillery, entirely from one grain: malted barley.

Can the Jura E8 make a latte?

The E8 also makes lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and the increasingly popular flat white. All at the touch of a button without moving your cup, and all easily programmable so you can have your favorite drink exactly how you like it. The E8 uses a pick-up tube system for milk.

Is Jura an island?

The gorgeously untamed island of Jura is one of the wildest places in Scotland. Located off the mainland’s west coast, the long and narrow island is known for its soaring mountains, delectable whisky, swirling whirlpool and local population of just 200 people (who are outnumbered hugely by over 5,000 wild deer).

What is Jura Whisky?

Jura distillery is a Scotch whisky distillery on the island of Jura in the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland. The distillery is owned by Glasgow founded and based Whyte and Mackay, which in turn is owned by Philippines-based Emperador Inc.

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