What happened to joel Anthony?

What happened to joel Anthony?

He is the General manager of the Montreal Alliance of the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL).

How tall is Joel Anthony?

6′ 9″
Joel Anthony/Height

How old is Joel Anthony?

39 years (August 9, 1982)
Joel Anthony/Age

Where did Joel Anthony go to school?

Pensacola State College
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Joel Anthony/College

Does Joel Anthony still play?

He then played for Boston, Detroit and San Antonio before playing his final two seasons of pro basketball in Argentina, retiring following the 2018-19 campaign. “It means a lot to me to have the opportunity to come back home and be part of the growth of basketball in my community,” Anthony said Wednesday in a release.

When was Joel Anthony drafted?

Joel Anthony/NBA drafts

Where was Joel Anthony born?

Montreal, Canada
Joel Anthony/Place of birth

Who owns the Hamilton Honey Badgers?

Hamilton Honey Badgers
Capacity 17,383
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Team colours Black, gold, white
President John Lashway

When did Joel Anthony retire?

Fans at times chantin “MVP” when he made a play. Anthony played 10 seasons before retiring after the 2016-17 season.

How much do CEBL players make?

Players were expected to be drawn from collegiate alumni (including U Sports and U.S. NCAA basketball), players with experience in other international leagues, as well as members of the Canadian national team. The salary cap is $8,000 per team per game.

Where do Hamilton Honey Badgers play?

Hamilton, Canada
Hamilton Honey Badgers/Locations

How much does NBL Canada players make?

Players in the Canadian loop earn an average of $3,000 a month from November into April in a league whose teams operate with a $150,000 salary cap. Most will try to pad their income by landing another gig in a spring-summer league once the NBLC season ends.

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