What happened to KSTP news anchor?

What happened to KSTP news anchor?

Aug. 13: KSTP anchor Jackie Cain revealed she would be leaving the station to ” let life move at a much slower pace.” She planned to move back to the Pittsburgh area to be closer to family.

What happened to Kim Johnson WCCO?

Kim is passionate about giving back to her local community and enjoys working with the American Cancer Society and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance to help people battling the diseases. Johnson also tries her best to work with other charities but those are the two closest to her heart for now.

What happened to Jackie on KSTP?

KSTP anchor Jackie Cain is leaving the station. Cain, who has been a key member of the “5 Eyewitness News” team since 2018, is moving back to her native Pittsburgh where her husband resides. She also is leaving to be closer to her father.

What happened Leah McLean?

Where is Leah now? McLean is pursuing her career in journalism. She is working as a news reporter at 5 Eye witness News KSTP-TV since 2004.

How old is Kstp Ken?

About 60 years (1962)
Ken Barlow/Age
Kenneth John Barlow (born 1962) is an American television meteorologist currently with KSTP-TV in Minneapolis. Barlow has a B.S. in meteorology from Plymouth State University.

Is Sam Ryan still with KSTP?

No, Sam Ryan is not leaving KSTP as there is no official statement regarding his departure. Also, neither Sam nor KSTP Network has shared any information regarding Sam leaving the TV network. Sam Ryan joined KSTP 5 Eyewitness News in June 2013 and has done several forecasts for KSTP Weather and for 45 TV.

Where is Frank on WCCO?

Frank Vascellaro is currently living in Minneapolis with his wife and three kids. Since 1996, Frank has been working in media. He co-anchors the news program Monday through Friday at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm, respectively.

Where is Jackie Cain now?

Is Ken Barlow from KSTP married?

His wife and kids were surprised too. “The day he came home from the NAMI walk and told us that he had made this announcement we were shocked,” says Ken’s wife Theresa. They had carefully kept it “in the family” for years.

Why was Mark Saxenmeyer fired from KSTP-TV?

Ironic doesn’t begin to describe Mark Saxenmeyer’s dismissal from KSTP-TV for inserting in a story an inappropriate gay reference that was posted on the station’s website. So sorry Mark Saxenmeyer slipped an inappropriate remark into a script as a joke.

What happened to Jackie Cain from KSTP?

KSTP-TV will soon have a new anchor on its nightly newscast to replace Jackie Cain, who is leaving the Twin Cities station to be closer to family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “I’m about to hang up the old IFB (the little thing in our ear that lets us hear the folks in the control room) and let life move at a much slower pace.

What happened to KSTP news anchor Leah McLean?

Cain joined KSTP in 2018 after working at WTAE in Pittsburgh. She replaced Leah McLean, who had anchored KSTP’s evening and nightly newscasts for 13 years before transitioning to a reporter role.

What happened to the editor’s note in a KSTP story?

KSTP news director Lindsay Radford said, “I’m not going to comment on personnel issues.” Asked about the editor’s note, Radford said, “We had an employee, as a joke, make an inappropriate reference inside that story. It was published with that inappropriate comment. We removed it immediately.

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