What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?

e Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (also known as MH370 or MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to its planned destination, Beijing Capital International Airport.

What does MH370 stand for?

Commonly referred to as “MH370”, “Flight 370”, or “Flight MH370”, the flight was also marketed as China Southern Airlines Flight 748 (CZ748/CSN748) through a codeshare.

How many cabin crew members were on Flight MH370?

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has confirmed that there were 10 cabin crew members and two pilots onboard flight MH370, which lost contact with air traffic controllers early this morning. Nufam said that it had contacted some of the families of the missing cabin crew and convey the news to them.

Which country leads the search for MH370?

^ Weaver, Matthew; McCarthy, Tom (17 March 2014). “MH370: Australia takes lead in Indian Ocean as search area expands”. The Guardian (News blog). London, New York.

How to connect with Malaysia Airlines customer service?

So, if you have also booked your flight tickets on Malaysia Airlines and have been looking for info on connecting with its customer’s services, then here’s what you need to learn. You can opt for the official Malaysia airlines phone number i.e. 1 300 88 3000 & +603 7843 3000 to directly reach out to the live person.

What is the freighter fleet of Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines has a freighter fleet operated by sister company MASkargo, which manages freighter flights and aircraft cargo-hold capacity for all Malaysia Airlines’ passenger flights. Malaysia Airlines traces its history to Malayan Airways Limited, which was founded in Singapore in the 1930s and flew its first commercial flight in 1947.

What is the national airline of Malaysia?

Malaysia Airlines (MAS Air) is the flag carrier of Malaysia and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The airline is one of Asia’s largest airlines and serves 40,000 guests on 330 flights to more than 50 destinations daily and has two subsidiaries — MASWings and Firefly.

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