What happened to the referee in colon fight?

What happened to the referee in colon fight?

Joe Cooper is also known (in the boxing world) as a very questionable referee with some of the fights he refereed ending in a controversial manner. At one point in the fight, after another illegal blow to the back of Colon’s head, Colon succumbed to the illegal blows and was knocked down.

Is Gerald McClellan still blind?

He has recently recovered some ability to walk with the assistance of a cane, but he has not recovered his eyesight. In addition to being blind, his short-term memory was also profoundly affected. His three sisters, particularly Lisa McClellan, are responsible for his care.

Where is Gerald McClellan now?

For the past 25 years, he’s lived in Freeport under the care of his sister, Lisa McClellan. “Every February, I reflect on that day,” said Lisa McClellan. “Just because it’s the day that everything changed for my brother.”

What happened to McClellan after the Benn fight?

Shortly after the match ended, McClellan collapsed and fell into a coma for two weeks. As a result of the injuries endured during the fight, McClellan is blind, 80% deaf, forgetful, and crippled.

Did anything happen to Terrell Williams?

Initially, Williams took two years off to deal with what happened. Since then, he fought 4 times before he stopped again in September 2019. Williams has stayed off the internet because of which there are no updates on the fight. After his last fight, the Welterweight completely went off the grid.

Who has died in the ring?

List of deaths due to injuries sustained in boxing

Date of fight Name Opponent
24 Mar 1962 Benny Paret Emile Griffith
21 Mar 1963 Davey Moore Sugar Ramos
11 Mar 1969 Ulrich Regis Joe Bugner
2 Feb 1972 Mick Pinkney Jim Moore

Where is boxer Michael Nunn?

Pro Boxing

birth name Michael John Nunn
height 6′ 1″ / 185cm
reach 77″ / 196cm
residence Davenport, Iowa, USA
birth place Davenport, Iowa, USA

Is Terrell Williams still fighting?

What happened to Prichard Colon?

Colón was disqualified after the ninth round, when his corner mistakenly removed his gloves thinking it was the end of the fight. Colón’s corner claimed he was incoherent and experiencing dizziness. After the fight, Colón was vomiting and was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with brain bleeding.

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