What happens at the end of Season 3 of White Collar?

What happens at the end of Season 3 of White Collar?

White Collar’s Season 3 finale was simply fantastic and, ultimately, heartbreaking. Neal finally achieved a sense of happiness in his life. He realized New York City is where he wanted to be. Neal’s never had true happiness like this before.

Did Mozzie know Neal is alive?

* Garson confirmed that Mozzie did, indeed, know that Neal was alive at the end of the series. In fact, at his request, a scene was shot of Mozzie walking with a one-way ticket to Paris sticking out of his pocket to make it explicitly clear.

Why did Neal Caffrey leave in Season 3?

Rather than being set free or having to complete his sentence with the FBI, Neal’s future took a third route: He cut his anklet and fled after getting the nod to do so from Peter, who had just learned of Kramer’s plans to keep Neal working for him, in D.C., for the rest of his life. Where is the con man headed?

Did Neal steal the Raphael?

During the season finale, Sara kisses Neal after he tells her that he did indeed steal the Raphael.

Does Keller get the treasure?

The FBI then arrives and they finally arrest Keller. Later, while in custody, it is revealed that Keller confessed to stealing the treasure in front of Russian authorities to make himself seem like a hero, in order to settle his debt with the Russian mob.

What happened to Kate on White Collar?

Kate Moreau She began a relationship with Neal, who she believed was Nick Halden. Adler pulled a billion dollar Ponzi scheme and vanished, along with a lot of people’s—including Neal and Kate’s—money. Kate is later killed in a plane explosion, leaving Neal depressed and angry.

Why was Kate killed in White Collar?

But Neal has lost too much to help Adler and demands to know why he had to kill Kate. Adler replies by saying that it was Kate’s idea to blow up the plane, but when she called and said Burke had just arrived, Adler blew her up to prevent Peter from ruining everything.

What happens to Sarah in white collar?

Neal and Sara start a ‘friends who have fun’ relationship until Sara announces that she has accepted a job in London. While working one final case, Neal fake proposes to Sara but it is clear that he meant every word of it. Sara then moves away leaving Neal and ultimately ending their relationship.

When is the last season of white collar?

On March 2014, the series was renewed for a sixth season, which was confirmed to be its final season the following September. The season premiered on November 6, 2014. On December 18, after the airing of the last episode of the sixth season, White Collar ended its run.

How does white collar end?

At the end of White Collar, Neal and Peter teamed-up one last time time chasing down the nefarious group Pink Panthers. Unfortunately, while the FBI successfully nabbed the criminals, some part of their operation went awry resulting in Neal getting in a shooting match with his scummier blue-collar counterpart, Matthew Keller (RossMcCall).

What is White Collar TV?

White Collar (TV series) White Collar is a USA Network television series created by Jeff Eastin , starring Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey , a highly intelligent and multitalented con artist working as Burke’s criminal informant.

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