What happens at the Voortrekker Monument every December 16?

What happens at the Voortrekker Monument every December 16?

Through an opening in this Dome, a ray of Sunlight shines, at twelve o’clock on 16 December Annually, falling onto the Centre of the Cenotaph. Striking the words- ‘Ons vir Jou, Suid-Afrika’ (Afrikaans for ‘Us for you, South Africa’).

Who is buried in the Voortrekker Monument?

The event is pivotal to the sense of Afrikaner nationalism and is recalled as a devotion to the vow made to God to honour the day should they be victorious. A copy of the Vow, the anthem “Die Stem” and of the land deal between Piet Retief and King Dingaan are buried under the foundation stone of the Monument.

What myth does the Voortrekker Monument display?

On both sides of this sculpture black wildebeest are chiselled into the walls of the Monument. The wildebeest symbolically depicts the dangers of Africa and their symbolic flight implies that the woman, carrier of Western civilisation, is triumphant.

How do you get a piece of the Voortrekker Monument?

“Visitors do not have to buy tickets online; they can now visit the monument and purchase a ticket at the gate.” *For the latest on the Covid-19 outbreak, visit IOL’s #Coronavirus trend page.

What is inside the Voortrekker Monument?

This massive monument is ringed with granite ox-wagons, and contains a frieze of Boer heroics inside. The large grounds have been declared a National Nature Reserve, which abounds with small game. The monolithic Voortrekker Monument is one of the first landmarks visitors see as they drive into Pretoria from the south.

Who made the Voortrekker Monument?

Gerard MoerdijkVoortrekker Monument / Architect

What does Voortrekker mean in English?

Voortrekker, Afrikaans: Pioneer, Leading Migrant, or “those who go ahead”, any of the Boers (Dutch settlers or their descendants), or, as they came to be called in the 20th century, Afrikaners, who left the British Cape Colony in Southern Africa after 1834 and migrated into the interior Highveld north of the Orange …

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