What happens in The Secret Life of Bees?

What happens in The Secret Life of Bees?

Plot. Set in 1964 in the fictitious town of Sylvan, South Carolina, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of a 14-year-old white girl, Lily Melissa Owens, whose life has been shaped around the blurred memory of the afternoon her mother was killed. Lily lives in a house with her abusive father, whom she refers to as T …

What is the plot of the last leaf story?

“The Last Leaf” concerns Johnsy, a poor young woman who is seriously ill with pneumonia. She believes that when the ivy vine on the wall outside her window loses all its leaves, she will also die. Her neighbour Behrman, an artist, tricks her by painting a leaf on the wall. Johnsy recovers, but (in a twist typical of O.

What are the five conflicts?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Person vs. Self. A struggle within yourself.
  • Person vs. Person. A struggle against 1 or several people.
  • Person vs. Society. A struggle against general people, rules (laws) of the world…
  • Person vs. Nature. A struggle against nature or sickness such as:
  • Person vs. Unknown.

Is Lily White in The Secret Life of Bees?

Lily, a fourteen-year-old white girl, lives alone with her father, a peach farmer, in Sylvan, South Carolina. As the novel opens, she lies in bed, waiting for the bees that live in the walls of her bedroom to emerge and fly around, as they do most nights.

What is the main conflict in Secret Life of Bees?

The main conflict is a character vs. self conflict, with Lily trying to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to be. At the beginning of the story, Lily is haunted everyday about how her mom died. She doesn’t quite remember if she killed her mom or if her dad killed her mom.

How did Lily kill her mother?

Ray knocked it out of her hand and it fell on the floor near Lily. Lily picked it up, and she still remembers an explosion. She had accidentally killed her mother.

What is a major conflict?

In a story, the central conflict is defined as the main opposition, obstacle or complication that characters need to navigate in order for the story to reach a conclusion. The central conflict is similar to the central idea: It is a dramatic kernel that contains the seed for the rest of your story.

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