What is 120 points at A level?

What is 120 points at A level?

There are many different ways of achieving 120 UCAS Tariff points. Some of the most common ways are: 3 A-levels – Grades BBB, or A*CC. 2 A-levels plus 2 AS – Grades BB+aa, or AB+bb.

What is 128 points at A level?

Examples of grade combinations – A level grade

A level grade Tariff points
AAB 136
ABB 128
BBB 120
BBC 112

How is A level point score calculated?

To calculate the average point score (APS) per A level student (FTE), the total number of A level points achieved by all students is divided by the total number of A level students (FTE).

What is D * D * equivalent to in A levels?

D* – 56 Ucas points (equivalent to A* at A-level) D – 48 Ucas points (equivalent to A at A-level) M – 32 Ucas points (equivalent to C at A-level)

What is 14 points in a level?

The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Levels) is a widely recognised academic qualification conferred in more than 125 countries….Minimum entry scores.

BBB 12 90
ABB 13 92
AAB 14 96
AAA 15 98

What is D * D * D * in UCAS points?

BTEC and A Level UCAS points

Extended Diploma UCAS tariff points
D*D*D 160
D*DD 152
DDD 144
DDM 128

Is Distinction an A?

Each mark is equivalent to a letter grade at A-Level and a certain number of UCAS points. Distinction* is the highest grade you can achieve, which indicates outstanding performance and is similar to an 8+ at GCSE level and an A* at A-Level. Below that is a distinction (an A), merit (a C), and a pass (E).

Is DDD good BTEC?

A final grade of DDD is equivalent to achieving 3 grade A’s at A-level and attracts the same UCAS points for university. It is a popular and successful route into higher education. A BTEC also makes you very employable as it gives you the practical skills to go straight into the workplace.

What is the average a level grade a* score?

A-level grade A* scores 300 points, A = 270, B = 240, C = 210, D = 180, E = 150. For AS levels the points are halved (there is no A* at AS level though), A =135, B = 120, C = 105, D = 90, E = 75. The number given in the 700s/800s is the average points score per child.

How is the average point score calculated?

Average point scores are rounded to 2 decimal places. Percentages are rounded to 1 decimal place. The average point score is worked out by dividing the total point score by the total number of entries. An entry is one qualification taken by one student.

How much are as levels worth at a level?

As it currently stands, AS levels are worth as close to 40% as possible of the full A-Level. For example, if you achieved an A at AS, then this will be counted as a B grade for A-Level; if you got a B in an AS subject, then this will be considered a C for A-Level in terms of UCAS points.

What percentage of Level 3 students take a levels?

In the 2019 to 2020 school year, 82.8% of level 3 students took A levels. the average point score for all A level students (including students whose ethnicity was unknown) was 39.51 (equivalent to grade B) students from the Chinese ethnic group had the highest average point score out of all ethnic groups (44.01 – equivalent to grade B+)

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