What is a 50a-312 Award?

What is a 50a-312 Award?

(b)        The court shall award the fees, costs, and expenses authorized under G.S. 50A-312 and may grant additional relief, including a request for the assistance of law enforcement officials, and set a further hearing to determine whether additional relief is appropriate.

Where to file Chapter 50 for alimony in North Carolina?

Chapter 50 for alimony or divorce filed in a county where the plaintiff resides but the defendant does not reside, where both parties are residents of the State of North Carolina, and where the plaintiff removes from the State and ceases to be a resident, the action may be removed upon motion of the

What is § 50a-301 of the Hague Convention?

§ 50A-301.   Definitions. In this Part: (1)        “Petitioner” means a person who seeks enforcement of an order for return of a child under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction or enforcement of a child-custody determination.

What laws have been passed in North Carolina?

Health Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified.] Health Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified.] North Carolina Health Insurance Trust Commission [Recodified.] Railroads and Other Carriers [Repealed and Transferred.] Indians [Repealed.] Company Police [Repealed.] Private Protective Services Act [Repealed.] Securities Law [Repealed.]

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