What is a baronet?

What is a baronet?

A Baronet is a title conferred on a person that, though did not belong to the peerage, was inheritable. Baronet – Who were Baronets? Trying to figure the position of the baronet could be a little difficult without knowing the hierarchical structure of the British titles of nobility. Let us try to know about the titles a little.

Who is the current Premier Baronet?

Sir Nicholas Bacon, 14th Baronet, is the current Premier Baronet; his family’s senior title was created by King James I in 1611.

How do you address a wife of a baronetess?

Baronetesses in their own right use ” Dame “, also before their first name, while wives of baronets use ” Lady ” followed by the husband’s (marital) surname only, this by longstanding courtesy. Wives of baronets are not baronetesses; only women holding baronetcies in their own right are so styled.

How much did the baronets of Nova Scotia have to pay?

Baronet. The baronets of Scotland (or of Nova Scotia) were required to pay a total of £2,000 (the amount required to support six colonists) and to pay a fee of £1,000 to Sir William Alexander (afterward Earl of Stirling), to whom the province had been granted in 1621. In return they received, as well as their title,…

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