What is a Crombie overcoat?

What is a Crombie overcoat?

But first a definition of terms. The Crombie coat in its strictest and most proper form is a coat from the venerable British company Crombie. It is a coat with a three-quarter-length style and a velvet collar often in a contrasting color.

How much should a wool overcoat cost?

But if you want something that will last for a multitude of winters, that has a substantial style and value, AND you live in like, Michigan or something….. I would suggest shelling out somewhere between $500–$1000.

What is the difference between an overcoat and a top coat?

First, the difference: An overcoat is a long, heavier coat that is worn on top of something else to protect the wearer from the weather. A topcoat is a lightweight overcoat (like a trench coat) and is usually a little shorter, ending at or above the knee.

Why is Crombie closed?

British heritage menswear brand Crombie has suspended all retail, wholesale and administrative operations until further notice, as a direct consequence of COVID-19.

How do I choose the best wool blend coat?

With a wide array of styles available, selecting a wool blend coat to fit your lifestyle is easy. Peacoats and trench coats offer a professional appearance, while sherpa-lined jackets keep you extremely warm in cooler temperatures. Traditional style, double-breasted peacoats are a classic choice.

Why men’s wool and blend coats?

Men’s wool and blend coats offer a variety of styles to keep you warm and protected in cooler temperatures. When added to any outfit, these coats instantly upgrade your style and polish your look. With a wide array of styles available, selecting a wool blend coat to fit your lifestyle is easy.

Why should you buy a mens overcoat?

Overcoats for men can change your whole look and make you feel elegant and charming. There is a large variety of mens overcoats, so there is something for every type of style. If you want to keep warm in a cold Winter, you should buy a mens wool overcoat.

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