What is a D2T antenna?

What is a D2T antenna?

The D2T is a non-resonant high-impedence antenna, composed of two folded dipoles dephased by 180°. It has a non-inductive terminating resistor and broadband RF transformer fed with a single 50 Ohm cable.

Who is Giovannini elettromeccanica?

HOME New antenna rotators …click here Giovannini Elettromeccanica ” Antenna Systems ” is a fully integrated antenna company with Research and Development, Design, Manufacturing, Testing and Support Services.These antennas cover the RF spectrum from 1.5 to 30 MHz.

Is the D2T bi-directional?

The D2T is bi-directional starting from about 10MHz with 10dB F/S. At 21MHz it gains 3dB with 5dB F/B and 10dB F/S, and progressively it reaches 6dB at 30MHz with 5dB F/B and 20dB F/S.

What is the torque of a ham antenna rotator?

– Smart Ham-antenna rotator , torque up to 1000 Nm , for 40 and 80 meters monobanders and large HF antennas . read more – Mod.

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