What is a dental twin block?

What is a dental twin block?

Twin block braces are a type of functional brace that is made up of two removable aligners, hence the name twin block. When you’re wearing these braces, both blocks should fit together when your mouth is closed.

Do twin blocks straighten teeth?

A twin block is a functional appliance that will help straighten your teeth and encourage your jaws to grow by working on the upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Do twin blocks move your teeth?

Do they work? Twin block braces in Windsor are primarily used to hold the lower jaw forwards. This moves the lower jaw forwards a little and pulls the upper teeth back, helping to correct your bite and produce the best possible facial appearance for every one of our patients.

Can you eat with a twin block?

It is extremely important the patient wear the CTB 24 hours a day, especially while eating. One meal is equivalent to 24 hours of wearing. You are advised to eat ‘soft foods’ like eggs, and soups for the first few days.

Do twin blocks work in adults?

If you start too late, the growth has largely happened or has slowed down, so the twin blocks are less effective. They really aren’t meant for adults, but your jaws may well have reached their adult size well before you can vote!

Is twin block fixed or removable?

The twin block appliance was introduced in India in October 1989 by Dr William Clark. This is a removable orthopedic appliance to correct the skeletal malocclusion during the growth phase. It is actually made up of two acrylic bite blocks, one on the upper and the other on the lower arch, hence called “twin block.”

How do you remove twin block braces?

How should I remove my twin block brace? Remove your twin block brace carefully, by gently pulling down on the back clips of the top brace, and up on the back clips of the lower brace. When you are not wearing your brace, remember to keep it in its protective box.

How do you get rid of a twin block?

When removing your twin block, always use your index fingers to pull downwards on the metal clips located on the far back sides of the plates. To remove the lower plate use your thumbs and push up. This will help prevent damage to the more delicate wires at the front of the appliance.

Are twin block braces painful?

Will It Hurt? At first your brace may feel uncomfortable, your cheeks may feel sore and ache a little, but this is only temporary. If you wear your braces full time as instructed they will become more comfortable and easier to wear. Your speech may also be affected; this can be improved by reading aloud!

Can your jaw move back after twin blocks?

Your treatment will take much longer and your jaw will move back to its original position. We do suggest they are removed when playing contact sports, swimming or playing certain musical instruments to prevent injury to the lips/cheeks.

What age does twin blocks start?

The best time for you to start brace treatment is in your childhood while your head, teeth and jaw are still growing. It is suggested that your child starts their brace treatment at around 10-14 years of age, once they have lost all of their baby teeth as treatment will be more beneficial.

How do you deal with twin blocks?

To keep your twin block brace clean soak both parts in a retainer cleaning solution once a week. You can also clean it with a toothbrush and water. Don’t use toothpaste to clean your brace. Please avoid clicking your twin block brace in and out repeatedly, as this will cause it to weaken and break.

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