What is a female C spot?

What is a female C spot?

Before you start freaking out, the female c-spot is just another name for your well-known and hopefully thoroughly explored clitoris. It sits at the top of the vulva and is commonly thought of as “clit”, “happy button” or “magic bean”. When: The clitoris should most definitely be part of your pleasure plan.

What is the A-spot and the U-spot?

While the U-spot is an external hot spot located below the clitoris, the G-zone and A-spot are internal hot spots located inside the vaginal canal, about 2 and 4 inches in, respectively.

How do you touch c spot?

Many women locate their C spot by using the tip of their fingers to search the area gently. Once they feel stimulated, they’ve found the C spot. Alternatively, some use toys to find it, especially for those who may feel queasy about beginning to explore themselves with their hands.

What is the G and C spot?

The G spot is different from the C spot because it’s not in a specific, defined area. It’s part of the larger clitoral complex, which comprises a vast network of highly sensitive spots. It’s much easier to find the C spot than the G spot, as all you’ll need to look out for is a bean-shaped bump.

Where is the G-spot on a girl?

2. G-spot The all-mighty G-spot is located two-to-three inches deep on the front wall of the vagina, near 12 o’clock, if you imagine the surface being a clock’s face. “Once you’ve found it, you’ll never debate it again,” she says.

How many hot spots are there in the vagina?

Four Hot Spots. Hot. Spots. There are four of them inside the vagina. A hot spot, at least as we’re using it, is a spot inside the vagina that is more erotically sensitive than most of the other parts of the vagina.

What is the “spot?

The evidence is a bit mysterious because the “spot” doesn’t appear to be a distinct structure, but, rather, a cluster of nerves and tissue that engorges or changes in sensation when aroused. And not all women feel it. Some women feel extreme pleasure when the spot is stimulated, but others…not a thing.

What is the U-spot and where is it?

The U-spot is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening (where the urine comes from). If this region is gently caressed, with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there will be an unexpectedly powerful erotic response.

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