What is a free piston Stirling engine?

What is a free piston Stirling engine?

Free-Piston Stirling Engine Configuration This means that there are no rotating parts, but rather the motion of the two pistons, indicated as working piston and displacer, is coupled via gas pressure dynamics.

How does a linear alternator work?

The Sunpower linear alternator operates, like all generators and motors, through the interaction between a coil of wire and a magnetic field. A changing magnetic field (caused by the motion of magnets attached to the piston) induces a voltage in the coil causing an electrical current to flow.

How does a Stirling engine regenerator work?

In a Stirling engine, the regenerator is an internal heat exchanger and temporary heat store placed between the hot and cold spaces such that the working fluid passes through it first in one direction then the other, taking heat from the fluid in one direction, and returning it in the other.

Can a Stirling engine be used as a pump for air?

Pump engines Stirling engines can power pumps to move fluids like water, air and gasses.

How efficient are linear generators?

The free piston linear generator is a compact power generating unit with system efficiencies up to 46 % [1].

How do you convert linear motion into electricity?

Theory. When a magnet moves in relation to an electromagnetic coil, this changes the magnetic flux passing through the coil, and thus induces the flow of an electric current, which can be used to do work. A linear alternator is most commonly used to convert back-and-forth motion directly into electrical energy.

How does the alternator work in a Stirling engine?

It is a key component that converts the linear motion of the engine’s piston to electricity, or vice versa. In a Stirling engine, a heat source drives the Stirling cycle that moves the piston which generates electricity through the alternator.

What is a linear alternator and how does it work?

Sunpower’s linear alternator is a unique device designed by Sunpower specifically for our free-piston technology. It is a key component that converts the linear motion of the engine’s piston to electricity, or vice versa.

What is a Stirling cryocooler?

In a Stirling cryocooler an electrical source drives the piston which creates cooling through the Stirling cycle. When power is provided to a linear alternator to drive the piston the alternator becomes, or is called a motor.

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