What is a gang initiation?

What is a gang initiation?

initiation into gang: most youths who want to be gang members must first endure a test or a ritual of initiation. other forms of initiation may include robbery, shoplifting, rape, burglary, a drive-by shooting, stealing a gun, assaulting a rival, or self-mutilation.

What is the initiation for Bloods?

Once recruited, Blood prospects will typically go through an initiation process. One of the most common initiation practices is known as a “beat-in” or “jump-in.” During this process, recruits are punched, kicked, and beaten for a determined period of time by several gang members.

How do Blood gang members greet each other?

They greet each other using the word “Blood” and often avoid using words with the letter “C”. Bloods use hand signs to communicate with one another. Hand signs may be a singular movement, like the American Sign Language letter “B”, or a series of movements using one or both hands for more complex phrases.

What are common gang initiations?

The most common initiation scheme reportedly involves getting beaten up by your fellow gang members. However, some claim The Kings also have a more heinous way in: offering up your girlfriend and allowing her to be gang-raped by four or more existing members.

Can you stop being a Crip?

The crips are pretty easy to get out of these days. Just lose contact with the members of the set. However other more organized gangs(like Latin Kings) are harder to get out of. Nope, there is only one way out of any gang and that is you die.

What is the most common gang initiation?

Probably the most common method of gang initiation is the classic “beatdown” (aka being “jumped in”). It involves the wannabe gangster fighting a specific number of the gang’s members for a certain amount of time. The wannabe must withstand the beating as well as fight back. Most gangs have a variation of this method, including “The Line.”

How do you become a gang member?

Most new members are initiated in a two-step process. First, they have to kill a rival gang member, and once their kill has been confirmed, they are brutally beaten by other members while local leaders count to thirteen slowly.

What is the ritual for new members of a gang?

Like any good criminal organization, there is an interesting ritual for all new members, although there are some variations for different chapters. One ritual involves saying a pledge after drinking a mix of wine and the blood of a sacrificed animal (usually a goat or chicken).

Do female gang members perceive a lack of choice in initiation?

While the extent of choice and force in sexual initiation practices for prospective female gang members remains unclear, the fact that the girls who were sexed-in perceive a lack of choice is significant and reflects the intricacies of gang membership and initiation.

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