What is a good apple slicer?

What is a good apple slicer?

You’ll find the Elbee Home Easy Grip Apple Slicer & Divider is one of the cheaper models. Both, the OXO Good Grips Apple Corer & Slicer and the Newness Focus Premium Large Apple Corer & Slicer are moderately priced.

What is an apple slicer called?

Another type of apple corer can be placed on top of the apple and pushed through, which both cores and slices the apple. This is also often called apple cutter or apple slicer. An apple corer is often used when the apple needs to be kept whole, for example, when making baked apples.

How much is an apple slicer?

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What else can you use an apple slicer for?

If you tend to get extra-teary when slicing and chopping onions for braises, stir-fries, or salads, try using an apple divider; this will give you thicker wedge-like onion slices that you can cook as is—this size is particularly good for fajitas and kebabs—or quickly chop down to a smaller size.

What does an apple corer look like?

First, there’s the handheld corer that looks like a long tube — it has teeth on the end that you align with the core of the apple, then push through and twist. This leaves the apple whole but without the core. The other type of corer is the round corer and slicer with a hole in the middle and segment blades.

Can I use a pineapple corer on apples?

The shell is kept perfectly intact so you can use it for a decorative fruit bowl or beverage holder. It’s a great value like a 2 for one deal, and that is what consumers will be getting here. Not only can this peel, core and slice pineapples fast and accurately, but it can also de-core apples too—now that’s sweet!

What can I use instead of an apple corer?

There’s no denying that an apple corer is an extremely convenient tool—but you don’t necessarily need one to successfully core an apple. A spoon and a sharp knife will do the trick just fine.

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