What is a GvpE?

What is a GvpE?

GVPE is a suite designed to provide a virtual private network for multiple nodes over an untrusted network. This document first gives an introduction to VPNs in general and then describes the specific implementation of GVPE . WHAT IS A VPN? VPN is an acronym, it stands for:

What license does gtgvpe use?

GVPE itself is distributed under the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see the file COPYING that should be part of your distribution). In some configurations it uses modified versions of the tinc vpn suite, which is also available under the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE .

How do I submit a VGP Enoi?

The NOI must be submitted electronically using EPA’s 2013 VGP eNOI system. Final 2013 VGP Permit Authorization and Record of Inspection (PARI) Form – Vessels less than 300 gross tons and that do not have the capacity to hold or discharge more than eight cubic meters of ballast water are not required to submit an NOI.


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