What is a Harley Vrscr?

What is a Harley Vrscr?

A high-performance roadster, the new VRSCR Street Rod combines an upright seating position, a 40-degree lean angle and retuned suspension to create a motorcycle that marries custom styling with a new level of cornering agility.

How much horsepower does a 2006 V-Rod have?

Initial Impression: 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod Motorcycle. The latest addition to Harley-Davidson’s VRSC family mates the low saddle height and raked-out frame of the V-Rod with the pumped-up 120-horsepower motor and exhaust system of the Street Rod roadster and then rolls in some detail touches all its own.

What is the top speed of a Harley Davidson V-Rod?

Harley-Davidson VRSC

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson
Top speed 137.6–144 mph (221.4–231.7 km/h)
Power 115–125 hp (86–93 kW)(2001-2012) (claimed)@ 8,250 rpm 103.2 hp (77.0 kW) (rear wheel)
Torque 84.0 lbf⋅ft (113.9 N⋅m) (claimed)@ 7,000 rpm 72 lb⋅ft (98 N⋅m) (rear wheel)
Transmission 5-speed, belt drive

Which Harley is the most reliable?

Unfortunately, many past Harley-Davidsons suffered reliability and quality-control issues, which made them expensive to own and maintain. But there’s one used Harley that has a particularly bulletproof reputation: the Evolution-engine Harley-Davidson Sportster.

What is the 2006 VRSCR Street Rod?

The 2006 VRSCR Street Rod, a V-Rod offshoot, takes performance far beyond the basic cruiser formula. From the June 2005 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. Even if you aren’t a devotee, you have to be impressed by the remarkable accomplishments of Harley-Davidson over the last two decades.

What kind of motor does a Harley Davidson Street Rod have?

The Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod model is a Custom / cruiser bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson . In this version sold from year 2006 , the dry weight is 280.3 kg (618.0 pounds) and it is equiped with a V2, four-stroke motor.

How much does a Harley Davidson VRSCR cost?

General information Model: Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod Year: 2006 Category: Custom / cruiser Price as new: US$ 15495. MSRP depends on country, taxe

What is the difference between the VRSCA street rod and V-Rod?

Mid-mount foot controls, shorter handlebar risers and a taller seat move the rider forward into a more aggressive position, ready to attack the curves. Fork angle is reduced from 38 degrees to 32 degrees, and the Street Rod wheelbase is 66.8 inches, 0.7 inches shorter than the VRSCA V-Rod.

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