What is a Hudson Bay AXE used for?

What is a Hudson Bay AXE used for?

One-handed camp axe. Used for light splitting, chopping, driving tent pegs, etc. The pattern is thought to have originated from “Biscayan” in Northern Spain, near France. French traders used this hand axe as a trade tool in their dealings with Native Americans for fur and other commodities in the Hudson Bay area, St.

What is a camp axe?

What is a camping axe? Camping axes are also known as hand axes. They are usually small, lightweight and portable. This makes them versatile for use in a camping scenario where you may need to trim branches, split wood into kindling, and chop firewood. A camping axe can also be used as a hammer or a mallet.

Who makes snow&Nealley axes?

Snow & Nealley is owned by a member of one of Maine’s Amish communities. Axes are tempered and assembled in a shop perched on an old farm. The owner and the production staff depend on hand tools for daily work, and strive to build axes that are a delight to use. The Working Axes is an authorized distributor of Snow & Nealley products.

What are snow and Nealley axe heads made of?

Most Snow and Nealley axe heads are forged from 1080 steel, with the exception being the 3-1/2# Single Bit, which uses 1055. The heads are hardened to 50-54 on Rockwell Scale C; most of them are on the lower end of that.

Why choose snow and Nealley axes?

Snow and Nealley Axes are 100% forged, tempered, and assembled in the USA of American materials. Born in the logging boom of the 1860s, shaped by the demands of consumers and professionals in the 20th century, Snow and Nealley has been re-established as an American company dedicated to small-batch quality.

Why buy snow and Nealley tools?

When you buy a Snow and Nealley tool you know you’re buying something that you’ll likely pass on to the next generation. We offer the Hudson Bay axe that’s preferred by outdoorsmen everywhere. Its forged from “fine” grain steel and hand worked to provide you with a look and quality that is second to none.

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