What is a lyrebird?

What is a lyrebird?

Lyrebirds are ancient Australian animals: the Australian Museum has fossils of lyrebirds dating back to about 15 million years ago. The prehistoric Menura tyawanoides has been described from Early Miocene fossils found at the famous Riversleigh site. Two species of lyrebird are extant:

What do lyrebirds do in the winter?

Male lyrebirds call mostly during winter, when they construct and maintain an open arena-mound in dense bush, on which they sing and dance in courtship display, to display to potential mates, of which the male lyrebird has several. The female builds an untidy nest, usually low to the ground in a moist gully, where she lays a single egg.

Do female Lyrebirds sing?

The female lyrebirds of both species are also mimics capable of complex vocalisations. Superb lyrebird females are often silent during courtship; however, they regularly produce sophisticated vocal displays during foraging and nest defense.

Is the Lyrebird a threatened species?

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