What is a resection compass?

What is a resection compass?

Resection is a method of finding one’s own location on a map by sighting two known landmarks. Find at least two landmarks on the map that can be also identified on the ground. With a compass measure an azimuth to each of the landmarks on the ground. Adjust for declination.

What is resection on a military map?

• Resection is the method of locating one’s position on a. map by determining the grid azimuth to at least two (three is better) well defined locations that can be pinpointed on the map.

What is the difference between resection and intersection?

In resection, the one point with unknown coordinates is occupied and sightings are taken to the known points; in intersection, the two points with known coordinates are occupied and sightings are taken to the unknown point.

What is resection method?

In surveying, free stationing (also known as resection) is a method of determining a location of one unknown point in relation to known points. The instrument can be freely positioned so that all survey points are at a suitable sight from the instrument.

What is 2 point resection?

Traditionally, the two-point resection problem, which is coordinating an unknown station from which lines to two control stations and the included angle are measured without setting up on the control stations (free stationing), is accomplished by solving the triangle formed.

How do you shoot a resection?

Modified Resection Method:

  1. Orient the map using a compass and/or by terrain association.
  2. Locate a point in the distance that can be easily identified on the ground and on the map.
  3. Determine the magnetic azimuth from your location to the distant known point.
  4. Convert the magnetic azimuth to a grid azimuth.

How do you know where you are with a compass?

You can also use a bearing to find where you are on a map. Hold your compass flat with the direction of travel arrow pointing away from you and directly at the landmark. Now rotate the bezel until the magnetized needle is inside the orienting arrow. Look at the index line to read the bearing you’ve just captured.

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What are the different methods of resection?

There are three methods of using resection, using the map and compass method, the straightedge method and the modified method. In a perfect world, the map and compass method is the way to go.

Is the map and compass method the way to go?

In a perfect world, the map and compass method is the way to go. But in reality, you’ll often in the real world use the modified Resection method, as often times, you may not have the luxury of having multiple points visible.

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