What is a Saab 9000?

What is a Saab 9000?

The Saab 9000 is an automobile produced by the Swedish company Saab from 1984 to 1998. Representing the company’s foray into the executive car scene, it was developed as a result of the successes of the turbocharged 99 and 900 models. However, because Saab fitted heavier side impact protection they will not fit.

Where are Saab vehicles manufactured?

Saab went bankrupt in December 2011 and was bought by a Chinese-Swedish investment group, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs), last year. The carmaker will restart production of its 9-3 sedan model at its Trollhattan factory in western Sweden.

What happened Saab?

The end of an era: Saab cars go defunct in 2011 After the company’s 20-year merger with Scania-Vabis came to an end in 1989, American car giant General Motors took a 50 per cent share of the new Saab Automobile business before making the company a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2000. Saab cars were no longer made by Saab.

How reliable are Saab cars?

Saab 9-3 owners are generally a very satisfied bunch, and the car usually does well in customer reports, such as the JD Power survey. Faults are never something they worry unduly about, although the car is only mid-ranking in our reliability report.

When did the Saab 9000 get a major overhaul?

Saab was never an automaker to change for the sake of change, so it wasn’t until 1993 that the 9000 received a major overhaul; while similar to earlier models, the car’s central body was reinforced to meet upcoming side-impact standards, while the front and rear ends were redesigned, updating the looks with a sleeker form.

Is a Saab a sport-utility vehicle?

Today’s Saab lineup includes the 9-7X, a vehicle that fits this traditional definition of a Sport-Utility Vehicle, but one decade ago, General Motors’ most left-brained division sold a premium vehicle that created its own, entirely different definition: the 9000 Aero.

What kind of engine does a Saab Aeros have?

Because Saab’s four-speed ZF automatic transmission couldn’t handle the torque of the 225hp engine, auto-equipped Aeros used the standard CSE Turbo engine, with 200hp and 238-lbs.ft. of torque.

What kind of engine does a Ford 9000 Turbo have?

An appearance upgrade and new twin-balance shaft, dual overhead-cam 2.3-liter turbo engine arrived in 1991, and these 9000 Turbo models upped the performance considerably with 200hp and 244-lbs.ft. of torque.

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