What is a slip sheet?

What is a slip sheet?

What is a Slip sheet? Slip sheets are thin sheets made of plastic, paper, or corrugated material that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a range of needs. Similar to a pallet, they are placed underneath a load and are used to push or pull the load on and off of the forklift’s forks or platens.

How do slip sheets affect the transport of more sensitive products?

This study centres on how more sensitive products can also be transported using the right kind of slip sheet. Dell made savings on overall tonnage transported (one plastic sheet weighs a lot less than a wooden pallet) and space (slip sheets are much thinner than wood).

How much can slip sheets save you?

Now about 33 percent of product from the Georgia facility is slip sheeted. Annually, this saves ICI about $297,000 in purchasing costs and easily offsets the capital investment they made in slip sheet handling equipment. Additionally, slip sheets eliminate about 1,089 tons of wood from the waste stream each year.

Should you use slip sheets or wooden pallets for shipping?

If you can fit more goods in a container (slip sheets take up a lot less space than a wooden pallet leaving you room to fit more into the container) then you won’t need to transport as many containers, which will help you avoid some of the impact of a shortage of shipping capacity. Not to mention save you a lot of money in the process!

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