What is a title inset?

What is a title inset?

With insets you can add or remove space to the button’s title (titleEdgeInsets), image (imageEdgeInsets) and both the title and image together (contentEdgeInsets). In this way you use the insets only to offset the title or image and not to resize them in any way.

What is contentEdgeInsets?

Discussion. Use this property to resize and reposition the effective drawing rectangle for the button content. The content comprises the button image and button title. You can specify a different value for each of the four insets (top, left, bottom, right).

Does UIButton have intrinsic content size?

However for UIKit purposes we can redefine intrinsic content size as “ideal content size”. This is basically the size the UI control in question would like to occupy. This makes a lot of sense for UILabel since its size is based on its textual content. The same goes for UIButton .

How do I change the image of a button in Swift?

Set Image As Button’s Background Color. Besides setting the button image icon, you can also set an image as the swift button’s background color. To do this, just create a UIColor object use a selected UIImage object, then set the UIColor object as the button’s backgroundColor property value.

What is UIEdgeInsets in Swift?

UIEdgeInsets encapsulates four different CGFloat values for the inset values of the top, left, bottom, and right (respectively) individually. Positive inset values shrink the content area, while negative inset values will effectively increase it.

What is the difference between frames and bounds?

frame is the origin (top left corner) and size of the view in its super view’s coordinate system , this means that you translate the view in its super view by changing the frame origin , bounds on the other hand is the size and origin in its own coordinate system , so by default the bounds origin is (0,0).

What is Uicontrol state?

UIControlState. normal is a specific control state representing the “normal” state. UIControlState() is an “empty” control state with some undocumented default value. It just so happens that both of these are backed with a raw value of 0 . So it seems that both represent the “normal” state.

What is frame origin?

Who is the consultant for the inset?

Consultant & Process Melicia R. Galicia -Provides technical assistance to the Observer 0949-9300392 persons involve in the INSET. -Observe the whole process of the seminar.

How do I change the title of a PROC step?

You can customize titles by inserting BY variable values (#BYVAL n ), BY variable names (#BYVAR n ), or BY lines (#BYLINE) in titles that are specified in PROC steps. Embed the items in the specified title text string at the position where you want the substitution text to appear.

Which is an example of a title statement?

Example 1: Using the TITLE Statement. The following examples show how you can use the TITLE statement: This statement suppresses a title on line n and all lines after it: titlen; These code lines are examples of TITLE statements: title ‘First Draft’; title2 “Year’s End Report”; title2 ‘Year”s End Report’;

When does a title statement take effect?

A TITLE statement takes effect when the step or RUN group with which it is associated executes. Once you specify a title for a line, it is used for all subsequent output until you cancel the title or define another title for that line.

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