What is a toothed pulley?

What is a toothed pulley?

A toothed pulley is the type of pulley used with a cog belt. Often used in automotive and machinery designs, the toothed pulley is available in two common tooth styles, a Gilmore style and a high torque drive (HTD) design.

What is GT2 pulley?

The GT2 series of belts and pulleys are designed specifically for linear motion. They use a rounded tooth profile that guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly and accurately in the pulley groove, so when you reverse the pulley direction, there is no room for the belt to move in the groove.

What is a timing pulley?

Timing pulleys have teeth or pockets around the outside diameter of the pulley body. Timing teeth engage holes in the metal belt, while timing pockets engage drive lugs on a belt’s inner circumference. As the name implies, these teeth or pockets are used for timing.

Is toothed belt same as Cambelt?

Timing belts are often referred to as tooted belts, it’s not a new thing, though I am surprised that it was called that in the service history instead of cambelt or timing belt. For peace of mind, call the garage that made that remark and confirm that they do indeed mean the timing belt.

What is a toothed pulley wheel made from?

The toothed belts are made from polyurethane. The combination of elastomer teeth and steel reinforcement cords ensure high power transmission.

What is the difference between GT2 and GT3 belt?

The GT3 belt has a virtually identical performance as the GT2. They’re the same size, are available in the same widths, and have matching tooth profiles. Both belts match to the same pulleys which means there is no need to go back and redesign or rework any component. Changing from GT2 to GT3 is seamless.

What is GT belt?

The PowerGrip GT2 Belt Drive System is an advance in product design over the Gates’ older, standard HTD system, providing higher torque carrying capability and improved load carrying strength. The PowerGrip GT3 Belt Drive System is the newest design and offers additional benefits over GT2.

Where are timing pulleys used?

Timing pulleys are used in power transmission systems where maintenance of speed ratio is an important design consideration. These synchronous belt drive systems are durable, highly efficient, and suitable for many different applications.

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