What is a tulstar gas?

What is a tulstar gas?

Tulstar supplies specialty gas to the refrigerant, personal care, and manufacturing industries. We work hard to provide the highest-quality products, including refrigerants and propellants. Tulstar gases are available in bulk or packaged quantities.

What kind of oil does tulstar make?

Base Oil As an oil and chemical supply company, Tulstar supplies paraffinic, naphthenic, and synthetic base stocks to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our experience in the industry also extends into additives and finished lubricants to produce the results your business demands.

Why choose tulstar for transformer oil?

If your company is seeking a transformer oil supplier, industrial and automotive lubricant, silicone, lithium, or HFC 152A supplier, Tulsa, OK-based Tulstar is the solution! Because we are on the cutting-edge of new chemical and oil uses, we are business partners with companies in 31 countries.

How do I contact tulstar for wholesale chemical and oil needs?

No matter your wholesale chemical and oil needs or the industry you’re in, we will do our best to meet them. Call us at toll-free 1-800-988-5782 or email us at [email protected] to see how we can supply you with the products that you need.


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