What is a variable resistor?

What is a variable resistor?

Variable resistors are specified by their resistance capabilities, such as 100 ohm or 10k variable resistors, and are available individually or in kits containing a range of resistances. Books and tutorials for projects are available online to describe characteristics and measuring methods for a variable resistor.

What is the difference between a potentiometer and a variable resistor?

In the potentiometer the resistance of the track remains the same as the wiper moves, and only the potential on the wiper changes. In a variable resistor the resistance of the track apparently changes as the wiper moves and short circuits more or less of the track resistance.

What is voltagevoltage-controlled resistor?

voltage-controlled resistor (VCR) may be defined as athree-terminal variable resistor where the resistance val-ue between two of the terminals is controlled by a voltagepotential applied to the third.

What are the two types of resistors?

There are basically two resistor types regarding mode of operation; fixed and variable. As the names imply, a fixed resistor has a fixed value and a variable resistor can be varied or adjusted to different resistance values. Schematic symbols for fixed and variable resistors are as follows:

A variable resistor is a resistor of which the electric resistance value can be adjusted. A variable resistor is in essence an electro-mechanical transducer and normally works by sliding a contact (wiper) over a resistive element. When a variable resistor is used as a potential divider by using 3 terminals it is called a potentiometer.

What is the difference between a resistor and a resistance?

While resistor is a passive component , resistance is a parameter of it. But there are other instances like active devices behave like variable resistive channel. The junction FET under the control of gate has variable resistance between source and drain. Here, resistance is proportional to gate voltage or bias applied and not constant .

What are the types of resistors?

Most types of resistors are linear devices that produce a voltage drop across themselves when a current flows through them There are two basic types of resistors with linear properties namely fixed resistors and variable resistors. Fixed resistors are resistors with a specific value. Fixed resistors one of the most widely used types of resistor.

What is the variable resistance of volume control?

So we can choose variable resistance means a resistor that varry its resistance… Variable resistance can varry its resistance by 0% to 100%… A volume control is such a resistor. Well two actually since the center connection alters the values of the two in concert. There are variable resistors available that only have 2 connections and are thu

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