What is a Vdev?

What is a Vdev?

vdev. Each zpool consists of one or more vdevs (short for virtual device). Each vdev, in turn, consists of one or more real devices . Most vdevs are used for plain storage, but several special support classes of vdev exist as well—including CACHE , LOG , and SPECIAL.

How do I fix Zpool?

Repair the failures, such as:

  1. Replace the faulted or missing device and bring it online.
  2. Restore the faulted configuration or corrupted data from a backup.
  3. Verify the recovery by using the zpool status -x command.
  4. Back up your restored configuration, if applicable.

What is Resilvering?

The process of moving data from one device to another device is known as resilvering, and can be monitored by using the zpool status command. When an entire disk is replaced, the resilvering process takes time proportional to the amount of data used on disk.

Is ZFS good for desktop?

While you may not want to bother with this on your desktop computer, ZFS could be useful for a home server or network attached storage (NAS) device. If you have multiple drives and are especially concerned with data integrity on a server, ZFS may be the file system for you.

Why is my vdev still recognized as part of the pool?

You didn’t corrupt the disk enough. The dd left the 3rd and 4th copies of the labels intact so it’s still being recognized as a part of the pool. All you need to do in this case is to zpool online it. The only part of a vdev that’s in a specific location are the labels; 2 at the beginning and 2 near the end.

Why am I getting zpool create -N error?

This error cannot be reliably detected without actually writing the data, so the zpool create -n command can report success and yet fail to create the pool when the command is run without this option. When a pool is created, the default mount point for the top-level dataset is /pool-name. This directory must either not exist or be empty.

Would zpool online be able to replace a faulted disk?

Would the correct course of action in replacing a disk this way, be to just zpool online the “borrowed” disk if I need to borrow disks from other vdevs in the future. UPDATE: No. zpool online will not resilver the faulted disk. zpool replace will not allow disk reuse within the pool which I believe to be a bug.

What is a potentially active ZFS pool?

Part of exported ZFS pool The disk is part of a storage pool that has been exported or manually removed from a system. In the latter case, the pool is reported as potentially active, as the disk might or might not be a network-attached drive in use by another system. Be cautious when overriding a potentially active pool.

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