What is a Victor Victrola worth?

What is a Victor Victrola worth?

Nice Victors can range in price from $500 up to well over $5000 depending on model and condition. There are rare Victor and Victrola phonographs that sell well into the tens of thousands of dollars, but these are few and far between, and require a detailed appraisal to determine actual value.

Did RCA buy Victrola?

RCA acquired the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1929 which included the acquisition of its showcase line “Victrola.” Prior to the acquisition, Victor Talking Machine was recognized as the biggest manufacturer of both phonograph and records player in the world.

How many times can you crank a Victrola?

ANSWER: This depends on which model you have. Low-cost models with single-spring motors can often be wound with only a few turns, while the more expensive ones with 3 or 4-spring motors can require many turns (upwards of 50 revolutions) to fully wind.

How can I tell how old my Victrola is?

You may find a paper license sticker located on the back, the bottom or on an inside wall or underneath your Victor or Victrola photograph, depending on model (picture on right). This sticker has a veritable plethora of patent and copyright dates printed all over it.

Where are Victrola radios made?

Camden, New Jersey
It was the largest and most prestigious firm of its kind in the world, probably best known for its use of the iconic “His Master’s Voice” trademark and the production, marketing and design of the popular “Victrola” line of phonographs….

Victor Talking Machine Company
Location Camden, New Jersey

Are victrolas worth money?

Most Victrola (internal horn) models are still quite commonly found at estate sales and on EBay, with the average selling price in the $50 to $200 range for typical “attic-stored” machines. And most of those expensive Ebay Victrolas never sell, at any price.

Are old gramophones worth anything?

Perhaps that old wind-up gramophone that was heaved into your attic years ago will fetch a good price. Wind-up gramophones made in the 1920s and 1930s can be worth several hundred pounds, but there is much less collector interest in the electrical machines that started to replace them in the 1930s.

Where do I find my Victrola model number?

The Victor-Victrola Page. Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard (for machines with lids), on the side of the phonograph (for most external horn and lidless models), or under the turntable (for low-priced and some portable models of the 20’s).

What are the dimensions of a RCA Victrola?

RCA Victor floor model Victrola; dome top, RCA Victor floor model Victrola; dome top, mahogany case. 45″H. x 20″W. x 22″D. Good condition. CHILD’S VICTROLA RECORD PLAYER. Grain decorated CHILD’S VICTROLA RECORD PLAYER. Grain decorated tin with original label in lid, “Carola, Co.” Bottom has room for storage and records. 22″h. 13″d. 11″w.

What was the model number of the Victrola in 1919?

1919 GOLDEN OAK VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI PHONOGRAPH: 1919 GOLDEN OAK VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI PHONOGRAPH: VV XI model serial number 543245 which dates to 1919. With crank, key and many extra needles. Measures Victrola Mahogany Cased Phonograph, model Victrola Mahogany Cased Phonograph, model VV-V1 697779.

Are there any RCA-Victrola-branded products available today?

Please note that post-1930 RCA-Victor branded products are also not covered here, as they were produced after the RCA Corporation bought Victor Talking Machine Company. In addition, we do not have information on any modern Victrola-branded products (which play LP vinyl records), which are currently available from a number of retail outlets.

How big is a Victor Victrola phonograph?

Victor Victrola phonograph, The Talking Machine Victor Victrola phonograph, The Talking Machine style VV-XI #1105. ht. 15 in. , wd. 21 1/2 in. Provenance: From an estate in Lloyd Ha. : Victor Victrola

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