What is a YT-1300?

What is a YT-1300?

The YT-1300 model exemplified this concept with a circular main corridor and modular compartments that could be mounted around it, all radiating outwards from a central core inside a saucer-shaped hull making for both a convenient and economic design. It was considered an equivalent of its time to the Galactic Republic Barloz cargo freighter .

Is there such a thing as a YT-1300 with pods?

A YT-1300 with additional cargo pods. Many individuals also modified the exterior of the YT-1300, often modifying and expanding the forward mandibles for extra crew and cargo space. It was highly unlikely to find two ships that had exactly the same layout and systems.

What kind of cockpit did The YT-1300 have?

Like the rest of the YT-series, it featured a saucer-shaped hull with external cockpit. The YT-1300 came in three different configurations: a port-mounted cockpit, a starboard-mounted cockpit, and a centrally mounted cockpit (the last of which became standard in the YT-1930 design). [source?]

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